September 2016: Become Nomad

Article published on Become Nomad called ‘Going Against the Grain. The Rewards and Challenges of Expat Life’ by Nikki Scott.


August 2016: Free and Easy Perspective

Interview with the Free and Easy Travel Blog: ‘Lessons from a Travel-preneur’.

Nikki Free and Easy

August 2016: Podcast with Jet Set Life

Rob from Jet Set Life interviews Nikki Scott about her life of travel, owning a nomadic business and her new book. Episode 31: Backpacker Business From South East Asia to South America with Nikki Scott.


August 2016: Interview with We Are From Latvia

Kaspar Misins from travel blog, We Are From Latvia, interviews Nikki Scott about being a ‘Backpacker Turned Travelling Entrepreneur’ and her new book ‘Backpacker Business’.

Book header

August 2016: Global Gallivanting Interview

Anna from the travel blog, Global Gallivanting, interviews our founder, Nikki Scott on ‘How to start your own travel magazine!’


June 2016: Interview

In this interview, founder of SEA Backpacker talks about her brand new book ‘Backpacker Business’, life as a travel writer and being an expat on the Full Moon Party island, Koh Phangan. Read full interview here.


June 2015: Two Monkeys Travel Interview

“Don’t let doubts or worries stop you doing what you really want to do. Don’t think you have anything to lose by travel. You have only to gain. ” – Nikki Scott

Interview with founder of the magazine, Nikki Scott by Toni Rose Eman, published on Two Monkeys Travel website. Check out full interview here.

nikki scott

October 2014: Smacking Fish Inspirational Website

In depth interview with founder and editor of South East Asia Backpacker Magazine, Nikki Scott. Find out why she started the magazine, what challenges she has had to overcome and her hopes for the future!

Screen Shot 2557-11-29 at 2.20.18 PM

May 2014: Ukraine International Airlines: South East Asia in Review!

Published review in Ukraine International Airlines Magazine. South East Asia Backpacker Magazine editor, Nikki Scott, reveals all of the best places to explore on and off the beaten path in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. 


May 2014: Bali Spirit Festival Review

South East Asia Backpacker Ambassadors, Chase Berenson and Charla Allyn Hughes write a guest blog about their experience at the Bali Spirit Festival 2014!


Read about their experience posted here on the blog ‘With Husband in Tow’… and find out why they didn’t actually do as much yoga as they expected to here!

December 2013: Drink Soma Water Blog

In this interview founder of the magazine, Nikki Scott, speaks to Kimberly Bryant about embracing life and tips she’s learnt from travelling.

“Packing your bags to travel and leaving everything comfortable and familiar behind can be a daunting thing to do, but what have you got to lose? It is easy to sit at home and live vicariously through films and the internet, but what’s to stop you making your life as interesting as anybody else’s? It really does come down to the fact that you only live once, so just give it a go! Whether your dreams include travel, starting a business, taking up a new hobby, or even telling someone that you love them – don’t look back and regret!” (Nikki Scott)

Bungee JumpTake the plunge! Our motto here at S.E.A Backpacker Magazine!

Read the full interview ‘3 Tips From a World Traveler for Embracing Everyday Life’ here

September 2013: BBC Radio Oxford

We were on the radio! After a mad dash through the monsoon rains of Bangkok, Nikki Scott made it safely back to her room to call into the station where she chatted with the lovely Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford. The topic was ‘ backpacking in South East Asia,’ as Richard Arthur promoted his new book “I Of the Sun” Nikki made a special guest appearance to share her backpacking knowledge!

1208839_10153210757100203_853436485_nFrom our hotel room in Bangkok we called into BBC Radio Oxford, talking to Kat Orman and Richard Arthur!

Listen to our own Nikki Scott as she breaks down the world of backpacking! 

September 2013: Meet the Newest Member of the S.E.A Backpacker Team, Tyler Protano-Goodwin

With a passion for writing and all things travel, Tyler joined our team last March and has become an integral part of our new South America adventure. Here she talks to her former University about making the transition from student to journalist! 


Read the full article about Tyler’s journey here! 

August 2013: Front Page! Asia Focus – Interviewed by Thailand’s National Newspaper, The Bangkok Post!

Following a travel conference in Bangkok, we were excited to be interviewed by Thailand’s National Newspaper – the Bangkok Post – about the future of backpacking! From flashpackers, to career breakers and digital nomads – South East Asia has it all!

Asia Focus

Read the full article that appeared in the newspaper on the Bangkok Post Website here.

August 2013: Quoted in TIME Magazine!

It’s pretty exciting when you are asked to quote on a specialist topic by a magazine. It’s even more exciting when that magazine is perhaps the most famous magazine in the world – TIME MAGAZINE!

With our noses to the ground in South East Asia, birthplace of the backpacking, we were asked to comment comment on the recent news about the potential demise of the Lonely Planet Guidebook. #LPMemories!

“A guidebook can be an emotional part of planning a once in a lifetime trip — starring ideas, circling places on a map & turning over the corner of pages.” Nikki Scott, founder of S.E.A Backpacker, tells TIME MAGAZINE. “Can you get this same feeling from a website?”

time mag

Read full article on the TIME Magazine website here.

July 2013: Nikki Scott talks to Friends of Friends Travel

Nikki Scott spills the details about how S.E.A. Backpacker got started and proves that anyone has the ability to follow their traveling dreams…

FOFTravel - for Media page.jpg

Read the full article featuring Nikki Scott and S.E.A. Backpacker here.

January 2013: Another Interview! This time with Nikki Scott at Wanderlust and Lipstick Travel Blog

When’s she’s not busy putting together the next issue of S.E.A. Backpacker, Nikki, the editor and founder of  S.E.A Backpacker Magazine, spends her time sharing her secrets about how she started the magazine…

Read the full interview with Nikki on Wanderlust & Lipstick here.

January 2013: Interview with Laura Davies and Karen Farini at Spunky Girl Monologues Travel Blog

The S.E.A Backpacker girls are quizzed once again!

On the 1st of January this year, Pamela McNaughton, author of Spunky Girl Monologues, quizzed Deputy Editor Karen and Creative Director Laura on their love for travel and what keeps them on them road…

Read the full interview with Karen and Laura here.

August 2012: Famous in China!

Although we confess to not being entirely sure what it says… This month S.E.A Backpacker Magazine is featured in the September 2012 issue of TRAVEL+ Magazine, China! Unfortunately, no-one in the team can read Chinese, nonetheless, we managed to pick up a few key quotes from Nikki, Editor of S.E.A Backpacker, via crafty use of online translation…

“I really cannot stand the cold!” (Haha, we’ve noticed!)

“South East Asia is so rich, Metropolitan urbanization, tropical rain forests, deserts, volcanoes…  the locals are so friendly.” (So true!)

“Like many people, my first stop was Bangkok. I was a fan of shocking, busy Khao San Road –  everywhere showing off with fresh life, I fell in love with this hot, exotic, southern city.” (And who doesn’t?)

We’re pretty sure that’s a fairly accurate synopsis!

January 2012: Interview with Laura Davies at Backpacks & Bunkbeds Travel Blog

Get more acquainted with the S.E.A Backpacker Team!

Zip Wiring

Zip Wiring

Laura Davies became an intern at S.E.A Backpacker Magazine in June 2011 leaving rainy England for a summer of adventures and fast-track work experience in the world of travel magazine journalism! Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand she became involved in writing articles, blogs, marketing and some interesting PR stunts, not to mention a whirlwind business trip to the cultural city of Siem Reap, Cambodia. What can we say? Laura loved her time with the magazine so much that she is coming back for more this summer!

Laura was interviewed recently by travel addict and blogger, Neil Barnes, on his website – So what did she have to say?

Read Full Interview with Laura Davies Here

November 2011: Forge Press, Newspaper of the University of Sheffield, UK

Be the change you want to see in the world! Many people dream of travelling to exotic places, but for some foreign travel can change their lives. Lifestyle investigates the stories of three people who sought to change and improve the world they found…

Travel. It’s something many of us can only dream of, sat at our desks in rainy Sheffield. Whether it’s memories of your ‘Gap Yah’ or plans to escape the real world once you’ve finally graduated, the idea of escaping is a seductive one, and each year many people venture out to broaden their horizons.

But the real question is, what you will do whilst you travel? Is it all about drinking buckets at Full Moon Parties in Thailand and going on Safari in Africa? Things were slightly different for these three inspirational travellers, whose adventures changes their lives forever…

Having graduated with an English degree in 2006, Nikki Scott fell straight into a job in marketing. Two years later, however, her itchy feet kicked in and Nikki packed her rucksack and left her desk behind, heading alone to Kathmandu, Nepal. Despite being absolutely terrified and feeling homesick from the moment she stepped on the plane, it was that once in a lifetime decision that she can truly say changed her life…

A month into her solo travels, whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the Khao San Road in Bangkok, Nikki noticed how many free magazines there were aimed at tourists. Yet not one of them grabbed her attention as an adventuring backpacker. It was at this moment that South East Asia Backpacker Magazine was born. For the next few months Nikki continued her travels through Southeast Asia, filling her journal with scribbled articles and backpacker tales. She was hooked.

Two years and a whole heap of door knocking later, South East Asia Backpacker Magazine is now a well-established free read for tourists and visitors across the region. Issue 15, the November/December edition, has just gone to print, despite the team having to battle the crocodile infested floodwaters in Bangkok! Nikki now manages a fast growing team of editors, graphic designers and marketers.

Does this appeal to you? Are you a budding traveller who wishes they could turn that passion into a career? Nikki shows that not everything about your future has to be cut and dried. Nikki’s experience is perfect food for thought for anyone wanting a career with a difference.

Read Full Article About Inspirational Travellers Here

January 2011: The Sacramento Bee Newspaper, California, USA

Backpacker Video Diaries Hits Front Page Newspaper in California!

The Sacramento Bee Article

S.E.A Backpacker Magazine in The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee Article Page 3

(Article Published Tues, Jan 4 2011, Written by Allen Pierleoni) For most of us, leaving normal life behind for years of backpacking through foreign countries will forever be a fantasy. Not so for four 25-year-old best friends who found a window in their lives through which to climb into a new world. After detailed planning and research, they left their jobs and embarked for Asia in July, with plans to continue their adventures for up to four years on other continents as well.

Danielle Walker, Courtney Muro and Kaberly Doerr, all of Folsom, and Jacqui Peters of Walnut Creek make up the quartet. When first formulated, their mission statement was to teach and tutor underprivileged children in schools and villages as they went along, while experiencing new cultures and dealing with the rigors of travel. They call themselves the “Cali Girls,” as in “California.”

Before they left the United States, they contacted Nikki Scott, director of Southeast Asia Backpacker magazine. It’s a 20,000-circulation “travel diary for everyone,” distributed free at 1,000 outlets in Southeast Asia. Would she be interested in their journey? The answer was a definite yes. So far, the women have published first-person stories and photos in the magazine and have a link to their videos “Backpacker Video Diaries” on the magazine’s website.

Read the Full Article in The Sacramento Bee Here

December 2010: Company Magazine, UK

Nikki Scott, the creator of S.E.A Backpacker appeared in Company Magazine, UK in an article called “See ya Desk!” The feature was about young people who had left the UK to start a new life or a business overseas.

COMPANY Magazine SEA Backpacker