Malaysia Accommodation Guide

Malaysia Accommodation Guide

Wide variety of guesthouses, dorms, 5-star hotels and bamboo beach huts. From KL to the beaches, wherever you travel in Malaysia you will find something to suit your budget!

Bamboo beach hut on Pulau Tioman or KL city hostel?

Located right next door to Thailand, the tourist Queen of South East Asia, Malaysia is receiving more visitors each year – which means there is becoming a greater choice of accommodation every day. In the island destinations of Langkawi, Pehrentian and Pulau Tioman it is possible to find your cheap bamboo bungalows similar to those in Thailand – and there are also more luxurious resorts available. In cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur, there is a wide range of options from 5-star hotels, lodgings for the business traveller, cheap hostels, guesthouses and lots of high quality backpacker dorms.

Suzie Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSuzie Guesthouse & Backpacker Hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WIFI everywhere, free breakfasts, but no windows in KL

WIFI is pretty much everywhere in the capital, KL and free in most of the backpacker hostels. Also, you will find that extras such as free breakfast (usually just toast and jam) and free all-day tea and coffee are thrown in with the price of the room. Many of the hostels have a common lounge area with DVD player, mini travel library and internet usage. Dorms come with security lockers, shared showers and free blankets. One feature of hotels and hostels in KL is the lack of windows in the rooms – expect to pay a premium for the luxury of daylight!

Outside of the capital in major tourist destinations, such as Penang, Selangor, the Cameron Highlands and Melaka, WIFI is also common and facilities are generally good. Hot showers and air-con is generally a given everywhere you go, unless you hunt out the real cheap options in the coastal areas.

The flashpackers amongst us will appreciate Ryokan Chic Hostels and Hotels in Penang and Selangor which provide affordable yet comfortable and Japanese style boutique accommodation with modern technology.

On the island of Pulau Tioman, however, don’t expect WIFI or even a phone signal!

Backpacker Budget Guide:

On the whole, accommodation in Malaysia is more expensive than Thailand, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang. A basic room in KL will cost you around 60-80RM ($20-$25) and a dorm room 30RM ($10) – which is the price of a private room in Vietnam and Cambodia. A very basic hotel room in KL is possible for 50RM ($15) with shared bathroom – but don’t expect luxury! Elsewhere however, things become a lot cheaper; in Penang, it is possible to find dorm rooms as cheap as 7RM ($2) and a room in a guesthouse for around 40RM ($13). If you’re looking for somewhere with inclusive buffet breakfast, free WiFi and great facilities, then the Red Inn Court has brand new, modern dorm rooms for 28RM or a luxurious private room for 88RM.

Expect modern dorms and rainfall showers at the Red Inn Court, Penang

There are also good value for money accommodations in the Cameron Highlands where 40RM will get you a really nice room with private bathroom, hot shower and free WIFI. At the cheapest end of the scale, on Pulau Tioman (east coast island) a simple wooden bungalow can be as little as 5RM ($1.50) / night and 600RM ($200) for the entire month!

Guesthouse in Penang MalaysiaColonial style guesthouse in Penang Malaysia

*All prices quoted in US Dollars.