Singapore Accommodation Guide

Singapore Accommodation Guide

Unless you want to blow your budget on accommodation in the expensive city of Singapore, backpackers would be wise to stick to dorm rooms. However, free WIFI, free breakfast and a friendly atmosphere makes up for the price!

The most expensive rooms in Southeast Asia

Accommodation in Singapore is the most expensive of anywhere in Southeast Asia so it is here that Backpacker dormitories are the way to go! For the price you were paying for a really decent hotel room in Vietnam and Thailand (US $20) will only get you a dormitory bed in Singapore. So what’s the good news? Well, the good news is, they’re clean, air-conditioned, and include freebies like free WIFI, internet access and in most places, free breakfast. For those who are able to spend more there are many hotels ranging from budget (Europe budget not Asia budget unfortunately) to world class luxury hotels like Raffles (600 Singapore Dollars or US $485 a night!)

Raffles Hotel in Singapore  - not for backpackers!The famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore – not for the backpacker budget!

WIFI everywhere in Singapore & lots of freebies!

Everywhere in Singapore has WIFI – it is extremely likely that your dorm will come with free WIFI included in the price and there are often computers that you can use in the lobby or a common area as well. Some hostels offer free breakfast as part of the package with free tea and coffee during the day too and there are often lounge areas where you can watch DVD’s and browse the travel books in the hostel.

Sleepy Sams Backpacker Hostel in SingaporeSleepy Sams Backpacker Hostel in Bugis, Singapore – Dorms at US $19 a bed

Backpacker Budget Guide:

Have we already mentioned that Singapore is expensive? Expect to pay 20-30 Singapore Dollars for a dorm (US $17-$25) 100-200 Sing Dollars (US $80-$160) for a budget hotel and over 200 Sing Dollars (US $160) for a respectable 3-star place with a pool. If you do insist on a bit more privacy some hostels have a small supply of private rooms with shared facilities. Hostels usually charge 60-80 Sing Dollars (US $50-$70) for a double room but you’ll need to book well in advance as they are in high demand! Moving to the 100+ Sing Dollars (US $80) range you can stay at a budget hotel. The rooms are charmless and the size of a shoebox, but include all the comforts like TV and your very own bathroom.