Travel Writing Courses

Travel Writing Courses

It sounds like a dream job. Jetting off to exotic locations all over the world to write about travel. Getting paid to do something that you love – well that’s just not work at all! But could you really earn a living out of it? Or will it forever be a pipe dream?

With time on your hands and inspiration under your belt, now’s the time to find out!

The Koh Tao Writers Retreat

From Jack Kerouac to Ernest Hemingway, great writers of our time have also been great travelers. Writing on buses, trains and boats, by torchlight or candlelight – observing the local culture and being inspired by the natural landscapes– a romantic image of the ‘travel writer’ is conjured. Yet there comes a time when the creative mind needs to organize and reflect on the things it has seen and nurture its thoughts.

The turtle shaped paradise island of Koh Tao, Thailand – can you think of any better place to hone your skills as a travel writer? Whether you’ve been journaling, writing articles or having a crack at a novel – the Koh Tao Writers Retreat will help you compile your experiences into something that could potentially be shared with a larger audience.

Koh TaoThe beautiful island of Koh Tao – read more about Turtle Island here.

And the best thing about the retreat is that it won’t break the budget. Instead of hiring expensive writers to run the course, fellow writers critique each others work – in collaborative, highly productive sessions. The setting? The Raw Art Movement Space in Mae Haad, Koh Tao – an artistic haven for painters, writers and musicians with a weekly Sunday jam session.

The 8,000 baht fee includes five nights shared hostel accommodations minutes from the beach, yoga, writing sessions, peer reading and review sessions, breakfast and lunch daily, and even an optional snorkeling trip. The retreat finishes with a lively conviviality party. There is also a resort option for those willing to spend a little more for privacy.

The retreat is run by Erin, who has written for many publications including the Washington Times, the Baltimore Sun, The African Executive, the American Spectator, Doublethink Magazine, Rare Magazine and is now a regular writer for the South East Asia travel website – Travelfish

Check out the Koh Tao Writers Retreat Website for more information and schedules.