South America

South America

While half of our team sip fresh coconuts on the shores of South East Asia, the other half head onward to tackle an entirely new backpacking mecca. A place that often draws parallels with South East Asia in terms of the friendliness of its people, diversity of its landscapes and incredible opportunity for adventure!

We’re heading to South America: a land of extreme passion, vibrant colours and explosive flavours! Join us as we throw ourselves in at the deep end, head into the great unknown and become first-time travellers all over again.

From the salt flats of Bolivia to the sand dunes of Peru, from the tango clubs of Argentina to the mud volcanoes of Colombia, all the way to the soccer fields of The World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’re ready to scale the Andes, trek through the Amazon, indulge in the bountiful options of the sophisticated metropolis cities, dance with a whole cast of new characters, and surf what are bound to be some pretty gnarly waves!

Check us out South America Backpacker!

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