Backpacker Video Diaries: Sneak Peek

Backpacker Video Diaries: Sneak Peek

How much untamed adventure can you get up to in Southeast Asia in six months?

Come with us as we follow four backpacking girls from California on their crazy escapades through South East Asia and beyond!



Courtney, Kaberly, Danielle and Jacqui—these girls aren’t about to hold back one iota on their adventure of a lifetime.

Full moon parties, tattoos, ATVs, buckets, frog ladies, white water rafts, elephants, ladyboys, fried scorpions, ping pongs, Chang, motorbikes, longtail boats, island getaways…

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  1. Wicked Matt says:

    Awesome, brings back great memories! Look forward to seeing more…

  2. Donna Scott says:

    Loved the video, cant wait for the next episode

  3. Roy Nickson says:

    Very ‘Educational’ loved it

  4. Jonny Gibaud says:

    Wicked video, definitely sums up my own experience of S.E.A really well, apart from perhaps the guy behind bars.

  5. AdventureRob says:

    Looks like what everyone can expect from a SE Asia experience 🙂

  6. Great Video, I can’t wait to go back to Thailand.

  7. Jacqui says:

    Best time of my life! 🙂

  8. steve says:

    Looks great so far…good weather…smiley faces…adventure and something different…its why i like it here so much 🙂

  9. NB says:

    I love Chiangmai….and T.K. Guesthouse…Come to stay there with Mr. Tee, he will look after you guys.

    Cheers up

  10. Peter says:

    Great video from South East Asia here:

  11. Tyler says:

    Hey, Nice article, just finished my Backpacking trip and im missing it already!

    Check out my videos

    For more tips and guides on

    backpacking in Southeast Asia.


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