Were You Born To Bunk? Share Travel Stories for the Chance to Sleep for Free!

Were You Born To Bunk? Share Travel Stories for the Chance to Sleep for Free!

When we first started South East Asia Backpacker Magazine the idea was to create a ‘Travel Diary For Everyone’. As backpackers ourselves, we understand that each person we meet has a funny story to share, a travel tip, an anecdote or a whirlwind tale of swashbuckling adventure! It’s the stories that we hear that bring backpacking to life and keep people dreaming of exotic travel long after that backpack has been put down…

SONY DSCIs backpacking the best time of your life?

Recently we came across an awesome hub for all those folks who love life on the open road, those who are as comfortable in a dorm room as they are in their own bedroom back home. Check out BornToBunk.com – a great resource for all travelers looking for the best hostels around as well as tips and tricks from fellow backpackers who have just been to where you’re going next!

S.E.A Backpacker ConsultancyWhere are you heading next?

Could you be a travel writer?

Then BornToBunk.com are looking for you to write for their inspiring blog! You don’t have to be a professional scribe for National Geographic or even be active with your own travel blog; you just need to share your unique story with others – and inspire people to hitch on that backpack!

Oh and did we mention that you can earn enough Gold credits get the opportunity to sleep for free in any of the awesome hostels listed on the BornToBunk.com website!

Nap Park 2 BKKNap Park, Bangkok – just one of the amazing hostels on BornToBunk.com

What kind of stories Are BornToBunk.com looking for?

  • Original tales of off the beaten track adventures and memorable journeys.
  • Life on the road isn’t always smooth. Tell us your travel blunders!
  • Tips to help other travelers make the most out of their trip.
  • Amazing photos.
  • Inspirational videos.

Why write for BorntoBunk.com?

  • Be part of a community of passionate wanderers.
  • Get links to your travel blog to increase your audience – all posts include a link back to your own website to help you reach global following!
  • Earn credit that you can redeem for cash value to sleep for free! (See below).

WRITERSFeeling inspired to write?

Could I really sleep for free if I write enough articles?

The way it works is that each writer receives 3 credits for each approved contribution (worth USD0.60) which can be redeemed for cash value on BornToBunk.Com, with no minimum spend. So, this means that you could earn enough credits to potentially sleep entirely for free in any number of BornToBunk.com’s awesome hostels!

Lub d Silom 3Lub D Hostel Bangkok – where you could potentially bunk for free!

Writing Guidelines:

  • Make sure your content is original – have your own style!
  • Most articles published are 500-1000 words but if you have jaw-dropping photos you may not need to write as much!
  • Photo Essays of 5-7 photos are also published along with an introduction to the theme and captions for each photo.
  • Shutter spot – have you got one image that can take peoples breath away? Send us your best shot with a caption (maximum 50 words) and you could be featured in the Shutter Spot section!

Feeling inspired to write? 

Check out some of the recent stories on the BornToBunk.com Travel Blog. Some of our favourites include ‘5 Best Cocktails From Around the World’ – or this fantastic guide to the beautiful Perhentian Islands of Malaysia.

What are you waiting for?

4 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Paul says:

    So each blog is worth $.60 cents ?

    That doesn’t seem very good. That’s 10 articles for one nights stay in a very cheap hostel. Hopefully that was a typing error.

  2. Kat Barseth says:

    it reads to me that a combined number of three articles equals 60 cents. 20 cents per article? That really doesn’t motivate creative writing! Its a great idea but I fear you will suffer in quality due to your cheap reimbursement.

    • Juan says:

      Quite right. They should offer a free room for say every 3 high quality articles published (maybe publish vetted articles on facebook and see who gets the most likes (?)) You may just be able to use this method to get an amazing travel writer with high quality stores/photos doing his/her thing in SEA and if some of his rooms are paid for it makes his ‘job’ a lot easier and everybody wins. Their blog gets good quality content and thus attracts new traffic (clients) and the writer gets some acommodation and the places he stays at gets good publicity. win-win-win

  3. Juan says:

    …just submitted mine!