Where to Get Your Yoga on in Thailand?

Where to Get Your Yoga on in Thailand?

We may be a little biased after spending so much time in the country, but here at South East Asia Backpacker we believe Thailand is one of the best places in the world to practice yoga.

Whether you’re a complete first timer or an experienced yogi you can find a class and community that fits your speed and style. Plus Thailand just seems to attract seekers of all kinds. The relaxed attitude, warm weather, incredible yoga spaces and world-class teachers make the country a great place to focus on your practice and finally nail that headstand.

While you can find yoga teachers, classes, workshops and retreats throughout all of Thailand’s popular tourist centers, we tend to be drawn to three major areas.

Koh Phangan, South Thailand

There’s something about the sea that helps you relax your mind and connect with your soul. If you’re wanting to get some yoga time on the islands Koh Phangan is a great place to settle in for a while. Not only is it home to The Sanctuary, a world renowned resort and retreat center right on the water, but several excellent yoga studios that run regular classes as well as yoga teacher trainings. Try Agama Yoga or All Yoga Thailand.

Agama Yoga Sunset Koh Phangan
The beautiful, quiet beaches of Koh Phangan are perfect for yoga!

Pai, North Thailand

This little hippie haven in the mountains of Northern Thailand certainly has its fair share of yoga classes and devoted yogis. Xhale Yoga offers a welcoming space running regular short hatha and yin yoga retreats but just take a look around town and see what fliers catch your eye for what classes and workshops are going on. 

Xhale Yoga Pai RetreatHaving fun with Xhale Yoga

Check out our article about Xhale Yoga here

Of course, one of Pai’s biggest draws is its location and laidback lifestyle. Just a few hours away from Chiang Mai, Pai is filled with natural beauty – Hot springs! Waterfalls! Rice fields! – you immediately seem to slow down. Whether you join a yoga class or not, take time to unwind and sneak in a few asanas surrounded by the beauty of Northern Thailand!

Pai countrysideThe gorgeous lush mountain landscape of Pai

Chiang Mai, Capital of the North

As the country’s culture capital and tourist hub of the north, Chiang Mai offers something for everyone… especially if you’re into yoga, meditation and other wellness practices! You can’t go too far with out seeing signs for yoga classes or talking to someone who’s dived deep into the yoga scene. There are three well-known yoga studios in Chiang Mai’s Old City, Namo Yoga, Yoga Tree and Wild Rose Yoga, plus a number of other smaller places around town.

NamoNamo Yoga is one of our favourites and 200 THB a class!

What’s more, is that the region also has a flourishing yoga community made up of long-time residents, travelers just passing through and everything in between. There are also a ton unbelievable places outside of town where you can focus on your yoga while being surrounded by lush jungle and unforgettable views.

Thailand Yoga Holidays

Fortunately, you can hit several Thailand yoga hotspots all at once thanks to Thailand Yoga Holidays.

The company, run by a Canadian native who’s been living in Thailand for the past eight years, organizes unique yoga retreats in Thailand centered around Chiang Mai. With Thailand Yoga Holidays, you not only get the chance to take your yoga practice to the next level but also explore all that Thailand has to offer – from it’s tasty street food, to its stunning landscapes, to even sampling some of its famous nightlife. With stops in some incredible places you wouldn’t be able to find on your own, like a permaculture farm hidden deep in the mountains and a magical floating retreat center deep in the heart of a national park, you get an exciting holiday and relaxing yoga retreat all in one! Check out the trip itinerary and locations here.

Next Yoga Retreat: 16 – 26 November 2015.

Thailand Yoga Holidays 1


You can find out more about yoga and meditation in South East Asia here.

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