Write for Us!

Write for Us!

*Please not that at the moment, we are only publishing guest articles on our website, not in a printed magazine.

We’re looking for Travel Writers!

S.E.A Backpacker Magazine is everybody’s travel diary, containing stories, thoughts and feelings from life on the South East Asian trail. Whether it’s a traveller tip, a funny tale or a feature article you have in mind, we’d love to hear from you! You don’t have to be Bill Bryson to send us an article (although, Bill – feel free to send one in, too!). Real life travel stories from backpackers like you are exactly the kind of thing we’re looking for. Your journal’s packed with interesting stuff… why not share it with other travellers?

You can use the contact us page to submit your ideas. 

Article Guidelines:

We like the magazine to be a mix of everybody’s travel experiences, different perspectives and different styles, so in terms of guidelines, there are really no formal requirements for articles.

  • MAIN FEATURES: (1500-2000 words) Our features are about destinations or experiences you’ve had anywhere in South East Asia, or about backpacking and travel in general. Each issue we have four main features:
  3. A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (This could be trekking / diving with whale sharks / a meditation retreat / living with hill tribes etc.)
  4. A GENERAL TRAVEL ARTICLE (In the past we have published articles about ‘The greatest travellers of all time’ / ‘Love on the road’ / ‘Top 10 off the beaten track destinations in SE Asia’ etc
  • REGULAR SECTIONS: (750-1000 words)
  1. FOOD – (This has included ‘life as a vegetarian in SE Asia’ / Cooking classes / Top 10 food discoveries / breakfasts in South East Asia…)
  2. ARTS & CULTURE – (Book reviews / museum and art gallery reviews / music and dance and other cultural activities)
  3. PARTY HOTSPOTS – Have you visited every bar in Bangkok? Tell us the lowdown on a party hotspot in Asia!
  4. PHOTOS – Can be more photos that words. Show off your photography skills and tell us what you’ve been capturing in South East Asia!
  5. OFF THE BEATEN TRACK – An article about a destination that is relatively undiscovered in South East Asia amongst backpackers.
  6. WHERE NEXT? – India, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal… even Uzbekistan! If you have an amazing story about somewhere that isn’t in South East Asia – we can still find space for it!
  7. S.E.A FACES & PLACES – (Can be up to 1500 words) Have you met an interesting character in South East Asia that you would like to interview? These make great articles!
  • SHORTER PIECES (100- 750 words) 

We also accept shorter stories (usually funny traveller tales) backpacker tips, random thoughts on travelling, book reviews, quotes and lots more – basically, anything we think fellow travellers will find interesting! Some ideas…

  1. STORY OF THE MONTH: (750 words) Usually a humorous / interesting backpacker experience that you are just dying to share with others!
  2. LETTER OF THE MONTH: Usually 500 words about a topical issue / important local event / travel observation.
  3. TIP OF THE MONTH: Any life-changing tips you would like to share with fellow backpackers?
  4. POEM OF THE MONTH: Come on Wordsworth!
  5. QUIRKY PHOTOS: Send in a photo of you with the magazine / a funny sign you have seen / an interesting sight that could only be South East Asia – share with us!
  6. QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Heard an inspirational / or downright ridiculous quote – we want to hear!
  7. HAVE A GRUMBLE: Go on send us in your backpacker peeves!
  8. EVENTS: (100 words) Tell us about an event in South East Asia that backpackers should not miss! Please provide a photo if you can.
  9. LOCAL PORTRAITS: Some good portrait shots, and up to 400 words in copy about them and what they do.
  • NOTE: As we are a free digital magazine, we are not in the position to pay contributors at the moment and all of the articles / photographs submitted are on a voluntary basis. However, we are a happy to include a biography alongside the article with a link to a blog if you like, which can work as excellent promotion for you.

Write a Destination Page for our Website:

As the world is constantly changing so too must a travel website! We strive to bring you up to date information on our favorite places in South East Asia, but sometimes you may actually know more than we do. With that said, here are two ways that you can help us keep our website in tip top shape:

1. Email us with any additions or revisions that you have about our current destination guides.

2. Create a destination page for any place that we haven’t already covered. This could be your favourite place, somewhere off the beaten track or your home town!

Here’s how:

Please use our contact form to send us any submissions. Happy writing!

How to submit your article:

  • If you would like to submit an article or story to the magazine, please email us at: info(at)southeastasiabackpacker.com.
  • Please send us your story in full in a word document with thumbnail photos so that we can visualize the article.
  • We will then have a good read, a chat with the team and get back to you if we decide to publish your story in an upcoming issue.

Check out more advice and tips for getting your article published here!