10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel to Southeast Asia!

South East Asia is a photographer’s playground with so many vibrant colours, interesting cultures and people, and amazing light to capture it all! Chris König is a 22 years old self-taught photographer, specialising in outdoor- and lifestyle photography who wanted to share some of his favourite photos from the region. Be inspired to buy a camera and a one-way ticket!

1. Java, Indonesia

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The Milky Way as seen from the Bromo volcano on Java, Indonesia. After a couple of hours hiking this is the view you can come across. Just make sure to leave early enough in the night and with a small group or on your own, since you don’t want to spend the night between all those other people using their flashlights to ruin the view, right?

2. Bagan, Myanmar

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A farmer going back home after a long day of work in Bagan, Myanmar. Although Bagan is know for it’s temples, (which are beautiful by the way), there is so much more to see. It’s impressive to see how those people work every day in the burning sun, but at the same time it makes for interesting scenes. 

3. Tram Ton Pass, Vietnam

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The highest paved mountain pass in the north of Vietnam, the Tram Ton Pass. Just rent a motorbike and be amazed by the beautiful view. Just make sure to bring appropriate clothing, since you might find yourself all of a sudden in the middle of the clouds.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam


A man waits to get a hair cut right on the street in Vietnam’s bustling capital, Vietnam. He looks very relaxed reading the daily newspaper whilst a thousand motorbikes whizz by, street sellers flog goods and terrified backpackers dodge traffic!

5. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

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When walking back to the town after climbing Mount Bromo at sunrise, you will see this area from a distance. Might be even more impressive than Bromo itself, since the clouds will remain in the valley in the beginning of the day and therefore it creates this awesome split between clouds and sunrise.

6. Ijen Volcano, Java, Indonesia

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The crater of the Ijen volcano, Java. If you want to see the inside of the crater, it is definitely recommended to wear some kind of gas-mask, since the smoke coming out of the volcano is toxic and it’s horrible to breath it in. When you have the proper protection and go to the bottom, it just feels like you traveled to Mars. Amazing experience.

7. Bali, Indonesia

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The rice paddies on Bali, Indonesia. Just make sure to wake up early in the morning to go visit them, since it gets overcrowded later in the day. You might even be able to sit down with some of the lovely ladies working there and share some breakfast!

8. Mount Fansipan, Vietnam

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The mighty Fansipan mountain in Vietnam. Supposedly the highest mountain peak of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. If the weather is allowing it, you can climb the mountain, but be aware it might be a tough climb!

9. Bagan, Myanmar

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Since the area around Bagan is so full of sand, the sunrises are beautiful; the sunrays just shine through the floating dust and it creates this magical feeling.

10. Mindat, Myanmar

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In the north-west of Myanmar, you will find a small town called Mindat. Around this area a lot of people still live in traditional ways and this picture is a great example of that. During a sacrificing feast a few cows were divided amongst the people and it was just one great celebration. The best part was that the people were so happy to invite me as one of their own and these kind of experiences make it all so worth it.

About the photographer: Chris König is a 22 years old self-taught photographer, specializing in outdoor- and lifestyle photography. Make sure to check out more of his work in the links below!

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