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Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta Indonesia


The amazing scenery of the Ha Giang Loop True North Tour


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With over 15 years’ experience planning adventure travel in the region, we can help you to organise the trip of a lifetime! Get in touch for help with itinerary planning, unique tour packages and insider advice you won’t find anywhere else. With so much noise and travel scams online, we can help you to avoid the common mistakes people make when planning a trip to Southeast Asia.

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I contacted Nikki to help me find a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand. There’s so much choice online and it’s difficult to figure out which camp is right for you! With Nikki’s help, I booked Battle Conquer Gym in an amazing off the beaten track location in Thailand. I had a terrific experience and everything from the training to the social vibe was really special. If you want expert guidance in finding unique experiences in Asia, I’d recommend getting in touch with these guys!

Pieter van Tienan

A Life Saver!

I messaged Nikki on WhatsApp looking for help with sustainable accommodation and jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang. She helped me find lovely last minute accommodation and put me in touch with the owners so I could organise my trek. She was an absolute gem and calmed my nerves about my solo backpacking trip in Indonesia. Nikki also suggested I join their Facebook group which was super helpful having a community of people sharing advice from their travels.

Nicole Fleury

The Legendary Story of the Magazine

South East Asia Backpacker started life as a printed magazine that was distributed by bus, boat and tuk-tuk across the region. Since the first publication, thousands of travellers have sent in their stories and travel tips to create a unique ‘travel diary for everyone’.

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