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Updated November 6th, 2017.

A few days ago we met Krissa and DJ, the founders of FOFTravel, which stands for ‘Friends of Friends Travel’. We got in touch with them after finding their website on Twitter and decided that it was something we had to share with you guys!

FOFTravel is a social network, which allows friends and friends of friends to share travel services for free! Whether it’s a bed (roofs), a place to store your stuff (lockers), insider travel tips (guides) or meeting up with a friendly local (coffee) – the world map allows you to find and connect with friends and connect with their friends – so that you can create a network of trusted contacts everywhere you go!

A friendly bunch at FOFTravelThese look like a friendly bunch!

So how did the two of them come up with this unique idea? Well, it all became clear after about five minutes of meeting them when I asked them both the simple question, ‘Where are you from?” Expecting the usual one-word answer – I was hit with a whole new way of thinking!

“Everywhere and nowhere!” Says Krissa. “My father is Scottish and my mother is Filipino, I was born in San Francisco but grew up in South East Asia. I call London home, but I like to think of myself as a ‘global baby’.

And DJ?

“I was born in Singapore, but grew up in New Zealand, Brunei and Hong Kong. I went to Uni in Australia then moved to London when I was 24! My mum was born in Singapore and my Dad in Malaysia, who is Indian by ethnicity. I call myself an earthling by culture!”

Wow! And breathe…

Friends of Friends Travel: one of the founders making friendsDJ makes a new friend in Thailand…

Krissa and DJ went to high school together and became very good friends. With similar backgrounds, they often discussed the benefits of being, what they call, a ‘third culture kid’.

“When you’re brought up all over the place, travel becomes a natural part of your life. Making friends all over the world means that you always have a couch to stay on or a mate to catch up with over a beer or a coffee wherever you go!” Says DJ.

“Flying to Oz with a three-day layover in Singapore? Why, I’ll just call up my friend James! Desperate to see the Kings of Leon playing in Boston but all the hotels are booked up – doesn’t my friend Gemma live there? Moving to London but haven’t closed a deal on a flat yet? I’ll sleep on Dave’s couch for a few weeks!”

They both realised that, due to their upbringing, they had built up a network of trusted friends all over the world. They wanted to share this with others – and show people how easy (and cheap!) it was to travel when you had this solid network behind you.

And so, was born!

Friends of Friends Travel: the founders

“We like building bridges between people and cultures” says Krissa. “We want to make world travel a possibility for everyone – and show people that it is cheap, safe and easy! We believe that friendship is the greatest gift to give!”

FOFTravel also provides ‘Premium Club Membership’ offering exclusive deals with the travel partners they’ve matched up with. Special discounts for FOFTravel users through STA Travel, HostelWorld, World Nomads and a host of other trusted travel brands!

So why not give it a go? (It’s totally free to sign up!) See how far your network stretches and find out where friends of your friends are living!

As travel writer, Tim Cahill said, “A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles”.

Visit to sign up or check them out on

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