Wreck Diver Speciality (2 Days) – Koh Tao, Thailand

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What could be more exciting when you’re diving than exploring the bones of an enormous shipwreck that’s slowly being repossessed by nature? Join us for this fascinating two-day course where you’ll learn how to penetrate wrecks safely and dive them safely all over the world!


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 PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course, you must have already completed your Advanced Open Water License.

The reason that you need this, is because of the increased depths at which wreck diving can be done. For instance, if you dive at a wreck in 15 metres of water, and penetrate the wreck for 10 metres, essentially you will have reached a depth of 25 metres.

The PADI Wreck Diver course is an extremely popular speciality SCUBA course. Why?

1. Wrecks of all description provide an insight into history… Imagine touring a museum, except underwater! All wrecks have some history attached to them, whether a decommissioned WW2 Shipwreck sunk intentionally as an artificial reef, or a newly discovered missing submarine! The stories are fascinating…

2. The second fascination for divers the slow process of the return back to nature for these enormous structures. It is surreal to see something designed for such glorious purposes now being used as a reef system that becomes home to an abundance of marine life great and small.

3. This, in turn, leads to the third reason wreck diving is so popular – the abundance of marine life found within their skeleton! There are so many nooks and crannies for shy marine life to hide and reproduce, the wreck creates amazing nurseries for them, which in turn brings in larger predators who are thrilled with the abundant feeding ground.

What will you learn during the Wreck Diver Specialty Course?

On the two-day Wreck Diver Specialty Course, you’ll learn important techniques for exploring shipwrecks safely. You’ll learn how to penetrate the wreck safely, spot potential hazards and understand additional equipment considerations. Over the period of classroom sessions and four dives during two days, you will learn…

  • The rule of thirds
  • Safe penetration skills
  • Surface-Air Consumption Rates

Group Sizes

We offer a maximum group size of four students to one of our experienced dive instructors, making sure that each student receives ample attention, which allows them to qualify as a competent, safe and confident diver, whilst at the same time having a lot of fun!

Note: If smaller group instruction is desired, please send us a message and we are happy to arrange!

The Schedule

The course is designed to be flexible, so can be moved around to suit the students. However, from our experience, this is the best way to teach the two-day course, which includes 4 X dives…

Day 1 16:00 – 18:00 Course Orientation, Paperwork & Theory
Day 2 06:00 – 10:30 1 Wreck Dive, 1 x Correct Reeling practices workshop dive
Day 3 06:00 – 10:30 1 Wreck Penetration Dive, 1 Additional Wreck Dive

Once you have gained your Wreck Diver License, you will be certified to dive all over the world and enjoy the surreal beauty of these underwater man-made structures.

After achieving this qualification there are a few routes to continue. Firstly, you may decide to continue Fun Diving with us. All of our ex-students will receive a discounted rate on all continuing dives that they do with us, as a way of us saying thanks!

Secondly, you may decide to continue learning more about the various environments in which we dive by pursuing the corresponding Specialty Diver Course, the most popular of these being the Deep Diver Specialty, which certifies you to 40m, and the Nitrox Diver Specialty, which allows you extend your No-Decompression-Limits and dive safer with the use of increased percentages of Oxygen in your tanks.

With both of these last two options, we also like to say thanks for completing the Wreck Diver Course with us, and offer 10% Discount from this course.


New Way Diving

The South East Asia Backpacker Community have tried and tested adventures across the region and handpicked a selection of only the BEST companies to work with.

Why we chose New Way Diving

With both Western and Thai owners, New Way Diving has been established for over 20 years on the island of Koh Tao offering the best service possible. With highly-experienced and qualified instructors (English-speaking) they are able to ensure that each beginner diver feels confident and safe in the water. From day one you will be in good hands and will feel guided and nurtured every step of the way, whether you’re a beginner diver or training to be a Dive Master… See over 1,000 5-star Trip Advisor Reviews for more details!

What is unique about New Way Diving?

  • Small Groups – Unlike some of the larger dive schools, New Way prefer a small and friendly approach. There is a maximum group size of 4 students to 1 instructor, which assures that each student receives the necessary attention.
  • Environmentally Active – New Way Diving are extremely active in making the island of Koh Tao a better place for creatures great and small. They host regular beach and reef clean-ups which you can get involved with while you’re there!
  • No Swimming Pool Learning – All of the training at New Way takes place in the sea in calm, warm shallow waters to begin with. Why spend hours in a swimming pool watching hairs and plasters float past in order to then go diving in the sea? Instead, you can start immediately in the ocean and watch the beautiful marine life from your first breath underwater!
  • More Dives – Because of the ‘straight to sea’ policy, New Way students leave Koh Tao with more dives than normal since there is a short diving tour after each skill segment is complete, meaning that you will finish having completed up to six dives instead of the usual four. This gives you more chance to explore the amazing dive sites around Koh Tao.
  • Sail Rock! – Unlike other dive schools, New Way dive at Sail Rock, the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand EVERY DAY. This is now a standard part of every Open Water Course, weather permitting!



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What's Included

Included in the Price:

  • PADI Wreck Diving License – Penetrate Wrecks Worldwide
  • Option to Dive on Nitrox if certified
  • 4 Dives focused on Wreck Diving Skills
  • A penetration dive with reel deployment
  • PADI Online Manual & Plastic Certification Card
  • Pickup service from pier on arrival
  • Includes all equipment rentals
  • Maximum group size of 4:1

What’s not Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation (we can organise for you)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transport to Koh Tao

Refund Policy

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  • You can request a change of date at any time.
  • Date changes are entirely down to the availability of the operator and nothing to do with South East Asia Backpacker. 
  • If your date change is not agreed upon, as long as it is more than 48 hours before the start date you originally made your booking for, your deposit can be refunded in full if you wish to cancel.
  • The remaining payment for the experience is payable directly to the operator.
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  • The refund of the second payment, which goes directly to the operator, is based on the terms and conditions of the operator, over which South East Asia Backpacker have no control.
  • Please see our customer terms and conditions for more information.

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