Getting the Parents Connected Before you Travel. 5 of the Biggest Skype FAILS.

50 years ago assuring our parents that we were safe on our travels or updating them on our adventures was a slow slow process. Months worth of experiences crammed onto a tiny 3-inch by 5-inch piece of paper, that wouldn’t arrive home for at least three weeks!

So it’s time to stop and say thank you to the technology wizards in the world for creating Skype! Skype video chats are easy and free, and can help home not feel so far away. Also, Skype offers the cheapest rates for calling phones- eliminating the need to schedule a Skype session – and if time is really limited you can even text phones from your computer. For total communication convenience you can even get your home phone number routed through Skype!

With that said mixing parents and technology is always a challenge, and while Skype is convenient it can also lead to some pretty hilarious situations. How many of you have experienced the following when chatting to your parents overseas?

487503_10200363979076653_373724743_nMum and Dad for the win! Thank you Skype!

1. I can’t hear you! Can you hear me? I can hear you? Can you hear me?

And that’s pretty much the entire conversation for three hours. You’re six thousand miles away sat in a cafe with your laptop playing charades to a screen and your mum’s frowning and fiddling with her oversized headphones to no avail.

2. You spend the entire conversation talking to grandma’s boobs

Tilt it up, just a bit more… please just a bit more. They just don’t get where the camera is located!

3. A whole new set of Mum’s friends

After a family trip to England my mum didn’t realise that she could sign in using her own log in on different computers. After two weeks, I was friends with Dave, Janet, Margaret, Susan, Henrietta, Jane and Sarah – all mum’s friends who now constantly pester me on Skype!

4. Am I here?

I really don’t know Mum are you?

5. Do you want to see the bathroom?

And there’s some flowers I picked. And here’s your Dad watching TV. And there’s the window and the door. And here’s what we’re having for our dinner. And there’s the dog and the bookcase and our new rug. Why your parents think you need a tour of the entire house when you’ve only been away 3 weeks is a mystery.

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