‘It’s Raining, It’s Pouring’: 5 Things to do During the Rainy Season in South East Asia

1. Wear your poncho with pride

Buy one for every different day of the week. Put a belt round it, give it an asymmetrical hemline, draw spots on it or go naked underneath to ensure you really turn heads.

neil rimmer 1If only she had a poncho…

2. Re-enact the kissing scene from, ‘The Notebook’

“It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over” Grab the nearest person you can see and kiss them passionately as dramatic music plays (in your head). Haven’t you always wanted to take part in a Hollywood kissing scene.

3. Get out your shower gel

It’s a well known fact… er sorry myth, that those regular people think that backpackers smell. Who me? So grab your shower gel, get right under those pits for the most natural shower there is and prove them all wrong.

neil rimmer 5Embrace it, she is!

4. Run outside like you just finished rain dancing and say it worked it worked!

Is more effective if you are wearing a loin cloth with tribal face paint. Observers will mistake you for some sort of Weather God and you will spend the rest of your life as a Guru in South East Asia.

THIS IS GREAT TOOThe flooded streets of Khao San, Bangkok, the perfect place to bust a move. 

5. Get drunk

Stuck in a bar and it’s started to rain? Oh dear what a pity. The rainy season lasts three months and it’s the perfect excuse to get drunk and stay blind drunk for three months. The electricity has just gone off, boats have stopped running and I need another beer.

Khao San ponchoThe rain may be strong, but hey- so are the drinks!

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