Newsflash! Hop-on Hop-off Bus Company Stray, Drive Onward into Vietnam!

With their roots in New Zealand, the popular Stray travel company have been operating trips in South East Asia for the past three years.

Although tour companies are often renowned for following the well-trodden tourist routes, Stray seem to have a real urge to discover new places and take their iconic orange bus to secret destinations in South East Asia which backpackers usually miss!

6 Vietnam bananasBartering for bananas at a roadside stop!

This month, the company are forging new ground and heading into the diverse and intriguing country of Vietnam to start their first adventures.

We chatted with friendly Kiwi, Holly Zimmerman, who is the General Manager of Stray Asia. “We are thrilled to now offer travelers the real Vietnam experience. Stray takes you closer to the action, we eat where the locals eat, drink where the locals drink and discover outstanding attractions, traditions and legends, going where no one else goes!”

3 Vietnamfood-bowlsSample some amazing local food during your trip!

“What about the crazy traffic for which Vietnam is so renowned?” we ask. “We’ve read that there are an estimated 37 million motorbikes on the road across the country. How will your little orange bus navigate?”

motorbikes in VIetnamHanoi, Vietnam’s hectic capital – beep beep!

“No problem!” Says Holly. “We have extremely experienced drivers and local tour guides who know the country like the back of their hand. Passengers will end up having some pretty amazing local experiences in the cities and also get a chance to get completely away from the action in some quieter, and truly beautiful national parks and coastal areas. Vietnam really has so much to explore!”

1Beaches in VietnamVietnam’s unspoilt coastline is just waiting to explore…

The bus passes have been known to be very popular amongst young, first-time travelers wanting to meet and mingle with other backpackers and find their feet at the beginning of a ‘round-the-world’ trip. Often a country that intimidates newbie backpackers with its hectic roads and unique, fast-paced culture – Stray’s Vietnam launch is great news for those wanting to explore this fascinating country with the pleasure of some company and insider knowledge! The bus pass is also a great option for more experienced travelers wanting to discover some hidden gems in a fun and socially responsible way!

Exploring VietnamExploring the incredible area of Ninh Binh

From top to bottom of Vietnam, Stray’s passes include the must-visit destinations, from bustling Ho Chi Minh City, fashion capital Hoi An, historic Hue and charismatic Hanoi… but there are a few hidden gems too! Backpackers get to explore amazing national parks, visit forgotten caves used in the Secret War, walk on deserted, unspoilt beaches and sample some unusual local food in little-visited areas such as Dong Hoi and Ninh Binh! The varied scenery of this country is nothing short of spectacular…

2Sapa viewThe rice-terraces of mountainous Sapa, north Vietnam

Passengers can choose either a 12-day-minimum ‘Dong Pass,’ which covers Vietnam only or the ‘Lot Pass,’ which includes highlights of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The Stray passes are available to buy online from 1st October 2013 and the tours start operating in December 2013. For more information or to book, check out the Stray Asia website here!

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