NEWSFLASH: We’ve Gone Digital to Celebrate our 4th Birthday!

To celebrate our fourth birthday at the end of this month, we’re taking the magazine to the next level. We’re taking the plunge into the weird and wonderful world of digital! Hang onto your ipad folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

A nostalgic bunch here at South East Asia Backpacker, despite all being under 30 years old, we have a penchant for the tangible, whether it be a book or a magazine and we like the idea of holding your reading matter in your hands – and whether it’s on a bus, a sun lounger or heaven forbid, on the toilet, (and preferably not a squat). Over the past few years, we’ve been known to utter the likes of “Ooh I do like the smell of a good book” and “You just can’t beat the feeling of flicking through a brand new magazine over a coffee.”

However, after mulling it over for about five seconds, we decided to embrace the modern world and use every opportunity available to us to get your travel stories out there in the wider world to inspire as many people as we can to go backpacking!

This is why we decided to make South East Asia Backpacker Magazine available on iPad and Android Tablet Readers– starting with our July / August issue!

Since day one, this magazine has been created by YOU, the backpacker… and with our new digital version, we’re able to share even more of your fantastic stories and photos, plus link direct to our favourite travel blogs and the wonderful businesses that support with us – offering instant, up to date information to the savvy, modern traveller.

Waiting at the postbox SEA Backpacker MagazineThere’s no more waiting on the post when you go digital!

Will you still print? You ask…

And to all those technophobes out there, (yes that’s you mum!) – don’t panic! This doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop printing and distributing copies to every guesthouse, adventure company or traveller’s café on the backpacker trail in South East Asia. You’ll still be able to pick up a copy at over 2,000 outlets in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Myanmar!

All it means is that if some pesky backpacker nabs the last precious copy, you won’t have to go hunting every guesthouse in town to get your S.E.A Backpacker fix. You can simply ask the guesthouse if they have WIFI, download a PDF of the latest issue from our website, sit back and breathe a sigh of relief.

And to all those technophobes – stop reading now. Get this – the PDF is interactive which means that with the tap of your screen you can jump to any page in the mag, visit our website to read more about the topic of the article, click to customers’s websites, LIKE and share instantly on Facebook and Twitter and enter our quirky competitions.

Download the latest issue now!

S.E.A Backpacker Front cover iss 24

Coming soon… Download Back Issues!

Did you miss that life-changing article we had about Bali in Issue 9? Did you overlook our ‘Top 10 Ways to Spot a Ladyboy’ in Issue 11 (and have been regretting it since) or miss out on discovering the ‘Top 10 Off the Beaten Track Destinations in South East Asia’ because you accidently dropped your copy of the mag off the side of the slow boat?! Our entire catalogue of magazines (from issue 1-25) will soon be available on our website so you don’t have to miss a thing! Become a South East Asian travel expert with all the knowledge amidst the (digital) pages.

At least you know when the time comes to finally go home, you’ll be able to nurse your travel withdrawal symptoms with an entire back collection of your favourite magazine! And, because we’re as addicted to travel as you are, we’ve updated every issue with new links that will tell you exactly what is happening in the place you are reading about RIGHT NOW!

All back issues of S.E.A Backpacker MagazineSoon you can download Issues 1-25 as a digital copy!

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