Skyscanner Competition! And the Winner of The Trip of a Lifetime is…

Updated May 21st, 2017.

Last issue, in an exciting partnership with our friends at Skyscanner, S.E.A Backpacker Magazine offered YOU the chance to win a flight to South East Asia for the trip of a lifetime! The prize is worth a whopping £1500 GBP or $2,400 USD! But we didn’t want to give this incredible opportunity away to just anyone. We wanted to find a traveller that we knew was going to make the most out of their adventure! All you had to do was answer the question “Which Type of Traveller Are You?” in 50 words or less for the chance of winning. We gave you the above five choices to compare yourself to…

After receiving over 500 amazing (and some slightly dodgy!) entries, it was time to read carefully through all of them to pick out a worthy winner… Boy was it an impossible task! The following winner* was chosen by an independent judge with years of backpacking experience in South East Asia and the answer was deemed the most ‘inspiring and creative’. As the judge slammed down his hammer he cried ‘Damn, I like this writer’s sass!’

* To make the competition as fair as possible, the judge had no idea of the writer’s name, sex, age, origin or their email / Facebook.


Cassie Recker Skyscanner Winner

The Winning Entry…

Does nearly draining Barcelona of its sangria make me a guzzler? Does getting shot and half-blinded in South Africa make me hard-core? Does being obsessed with Prague’s history/beauty make me a culture vulture? So be it. June: fly to Asia, buy bike, GO! A trip almost as unpredictable as myself.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered. Watch out for more competitions in the future!

The Best of the Rest…

Going hard-core makes me want to flashpack, flashpacking leads to soul-searching, which makes me need a beer-guzzling break, leading to culture-vulture antics to make up for the boozing. It’s a never-ending circle that means I have to keep travelling! (Rachel Watson)

I’m the soulful beer-searching hardcore adventure vulture! I scale the steepest of temple steps to catch spectacular – perhaps even spiritual – sunrises in faraway corners of remote lands. Then I enjoy obscure and tasty local delicacies for lunch, before sharing cold suds with travellers, revellers and local folk by night. (Adam Chidell)

I have to do something I’ve never done before. For example, marry a crazy Thai chef called Tan, eat a large insect, wake up in a tree or accidentally buy a Buddhist temple. I’m the type of traveller who has to feel like I’ve achieved something! (Trystan Sanders)

And Some Dubious Entries.

I’m an adventurer. I like to go on adventures. (Anon)

A little more description needed perhaps?

Culture vulture – I seek exotic men from other cultures. (Anon)

At least she/he is honest! Alhough not sure we could sponsor that one! 

The Most Popular Type of Traveller!?

Suprisingly – The Culture Vulture! Although we find this hard to believe with the amount of buckets drunk on the South East Asian backpacking trail! Come on folks were you just trying to impress us with your porkies? The judges (rather harsh) comment: “I’ve never seen the words ‘immerse’ or ‘local culture’ this many times in one reading. Yawn!

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5 thoughts on “Skyscanner Competition! And the Winner of The Trip of a Lifetime is…

  1. Ian Ord - Where Sidewalks End says:

    Great entry – I could only imagine how daunting the task would be to sort through so many and choose only one! Congrats to the lucky winner 🙂 See you over in SE Asia!

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