Treat yourself once in a while with Hotel Quickly! The must-have app for Flashpackers…

Updated November 18th, 2017.

With your backpack resting heavy on your back you wander into the ‘Very Nice Hotel Hanoi’ and your heart sinks as you are shown around your grotty abode for the next few nights.

Drilling sounds prevent you from hearing what the receptionist is saying about something to do with the water not working and a cockroach scuttles across the floor over your flip flop. You let out an exhausted sigh. After 27 hours on that overnight bus from Laos, your backpacker spirit is just about burnt out…

Laos Vietnam BusAll you want is a good night’s sleep!

We all get those times on the road when you crave a bit of comfort.

Noisy dorm rooms, bucket showers and lumpy mattresses take their toll on the road-weary backpacker and can leave you wanting an escape from your escape! With prices of great hotels so much cheaper in Asia than in Europe and other parts of the world, why not treat yourself once in a while?

After all ‘splurge on a nice room’ is the number 6 tip in our ’20 Unusual Travel Tips from a seasoned pro in South East Asia!’

Try out Hotel Quickly!

We discovered an awesome new app recently called Hotel Quickly which allows you to find last minute deals on hotels in your immediate area at the drop of a hat, or the ‘shake of an iphone!’

When you’re standing there in the street after you’ve just got off the overnight train, the app will tell you hotels that are within walking distance, will guide you to them via Google maps AND give you a better discount than you could get online or at the reception!

It takes 20 seconds to book directly from your mobile phone, (we’ve timed it) which is about the time it takes you to tell that tuk tuk driver who’s pestering you that you don’t want to go to a ping pong show thank you very much!

It’s perfect for situations when your plans have fallen through and all you need is a good night’s sleep! As backpackers are notorious for ‘not-planning’, it’s one of those good ‘emergency’ back up apps to have handy when things either don’t turn out how you envisioned or you just fancy treating yourself to a hot shower, air-con and a sumptuous duvet! Go on… indulge the flashpacker inside!

Hotel Quickly RoomGino Feruci Villa, Bali, Indonesia – you could end up here for a night for the price of a hostel!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOr how about this one in Koh Phangan under $50 USD!

You can download the app for free in the App Store, Google Play, or Blackberry App World and start looking for cheap deals anytime from 12pm – 4am. There are 3*-5* hotels only and Hotel Quickly will only show you the 9 most attractive deals per location so you won’t be scrolling through for hours.

AND… your mum will delight in knowing that you’re using technology that could prevent you from having to sleep on the street!

Click here to download the app!

Hotel QuicklyAsia’s most expensive city – you’ll need to use the Hotel Quickly app in Hong Kong!

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