Valentine’s Special: The Top 10 Best / Worst Chat Up Lines For Backpackers

Backpacking is one of the most free times of your life. With no job to get in the way, no responsibilities and your worldly goods on your back; could backpacking be the ideal time to meet that potential someone!?

With the amount of alcohol that’s consumed on the South East Asia trail, it’s not surprising there’s a few tales to tell! Talk about beer goggles; wait till you get your bucket goggles on! If you’re looking to pick up a hot guy or girl on the backpacker trail here at S.E.A Backpacker, we’ve put together some perfect travel-themed chat up lines that definitely won’t get you a slap in the face… try them out this Valentines Day and let us know the results!

1. Wow, you smell good, did you shower this week?

2. I’ve got air-conditioning tonight.

3. It’s laundry day today, I’m not wearing any knickers.

4. Of all the hostels in all the world and you walk into mine.

5. Grab your backpack love – you’ve pulled.

6. I’ve got a big sarong and my mate’s got earplugs.

7. I must be lost. I thought paradise was further south.

8. I’ve just necked two buckets and you’re starting to look pretty good.

9. Do you have 20 baht. I told my mum I’d call her when I fell in love.

10. You are the best looking girl at this end of the beach.

Cupid for Backpackers in South East Asia

9 Tips / Truths about Backpacker Relationships…

What do you think? Do you think relationships on the road are a good idea? Can you find true love or is it backpacker speed dating on an international scale? We spoke to a few travellers who’d been around the track, so to speak, to find out their opinions…

Breaking up is hard to do:

The best thing about relationships when you’re travelling is that they don’t last very long. Call me pessimistic, but sooner or later there’s a time in a relationship comes when one of you has to pluck up the courage to break it off. It takes hours of thought to make up a reason that won’t hurt the other person’s feelings and disguise the fact that you just don’t really fancy them! The beauty of travelling is that it’s all done for you! “Ah I really wish we could spend one more night together, but my flights booked for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, I have to meet a friend in Calcutta, my rucksacks been left in Saigon!” Any excuse will do. The message is clear – you’ve got to move on. Sure there’s always a chance you might meet someone really special, but mostly, relationships are as transient as life itself on the trail. (Sam Long, Canada)

In Search of Swedish Babes:

I came away not to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat, not to experience Thai cuisine or trek in the foothills of the Himalaya. I came backpacking for one sole reason, to meet girls, preferably Swedish girls. I’m heading to Koh Phi Phi tomorrow as I’ve heard the place is swarming with Swedish! (Marcus Richards, London)

Thai-Style Chat up Lines:

I’m a sucker for a good chat up line. But the ones I’ve been hearing lately aren’t quite what I had in mind. In Chiang Mai, last week, a Thai guy tried to woo me with this corker! “You have beautiful teeth. You could open coconuts with them.” Flattering huh. Needless to say, this wasn’t the start of a wonderful love affair! (Kevina, Dublin)

Hard Core Backpacker Speed Dating:

I’ve been away for just under three months and through none of my own planning, I feel like I’ve been on some kind of hard core speed dating mission ever since I got here! As a girl travelling alone I seem to meet boys a lot easier than I meet girls. I guess guys are just more open to approaching a single girl. The result is I find myself on a date with a different guy every night! Last night it was a French pony-tailed artist, a few days ago a buffed up Dutch rock-climber, tonight it’s an Irish musician! I’m not complaining… it’s great to meet so many different interesting guys for a change, I’d just prefer it to slow down a bit! Girls, where are you? (Kate Taylor-Jones, USA)

Late night tubing in Vang ViengAh Tubing… the perfect romantic setting for meeting your future spouse.

Gender Issues:

She said SHE was a she! (Joel Carter, USA)

When Things Get a Little (ahem) Hairy:

Sure it’s great being single whilst backpacking. But, keeping up appearances whilst on the road ain’t easy! When you’re trekking for three days in the sweltering heat, without showers or mirrors – things can get a little on the scary side if you know what I mean! After arriving at a beach late in the afternoon the other week, I was boiling, so decided before I shower or unpack I was going for a dip. Bikini line as overgrown as the jungles I’d just been trekking in. Never mind I thought, no one around, I’ll just get in the water quick before anyone notices. Swimming up and down, I spot an absolute God on the shoreline coming straight for me. The potential love of my life… Why oh why, is it always when you are least prepared?! We chat for a while. He is so gorgeous I can hardly speak. ‘Fancy a drink he says?’ signaling to get out the water. One glimpse of this matey and you’ll run a mile. “Er let’s just stay here a bit.” I mutter. Two hours we lingered there, cold and wrinkly, until the cover of darkness courteously hid my hairy situation! Sometimes it’s hard for us girls! (Anonymous Bad Bush, UK)

Where are You From? How Long Have you Been Travelling?

I think travelling is a fantastic time to meet someone! It’s so easy to start chatting as you’ve already got one big thing in common. There’s none of that embarrassing going up to a girl in a bar and trying to chat her up, I was never very good at that. You can really get to know someone in a short space of time as you’re basically forced to spend time together… long bus journeys, hostels, treks; relationships you make can be pretty intense for a few days. I just don’t think it’s a good time to get attached to anyone too much though while travelling as it can restrict your decisions. And ultimately this time is about you and no one else. You don’t want to look back and regret not doing something or going someplace you really wanted to because of some girl/guy. (James Mack, Australia)

Knowing where it is at:

Coral Bungalows Pool Party that’s all I’m saying! (Geoff Peters, UK)

Coral Bungalows Pool PartyCoral Bungalows Pool Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand 

And Finally… Fairy Tales Do Come True!

I was in Bangkok, a friend and I had just arrived on an overnight train from Chiang Mai and we were getting the sky train to our hostel. It was rush hour and the train was packed, with our huge rucksacks we were getting some dirty looks! Hot and tired, I was in no mood for being polite. Then, like a shaft of sunlight through the clouds, I spotted a really cute guy staring at me and smiling. He looked like a backpacker too. I smiled back at him. Sadly, there was absolutely no chance of any conversation starting as we were on opposite sides of the train with about a million Thais in-between. As my friend nudged me in the ribs to get off at our stop, the day dream ended abruptly. Unprepared for the stampede that occurs upon disembarking, I completely lost control, promptly tripped over my backpack and fell of the train. How mortifying! What was worse is that my flip flop had fallen off in the kafuffle and was nowhere to be found – it must still be on the train! Embarrassed and barefoot, I hopped down the stairs and sat down on my rucksack to sort myself out. My friend toddled off with the promise that she’d come back with a pair of flip flops before we started the trek to our hostel. I sat and sulked. Just then the unbelievable happened. Like Prince Charming, out of nowhere, the guy from the train appeared. And, wait for it, holding my golden slipper, er… flip flop! Turns out he’d noticed me a few days before in a bar in Chiang Mai and had wanted to talk to me, but I’d left before he’d had chance. Second time around he said he didn’t want to let me get away! We’ve now been together for six months and so far it’s going great! I didn’t believe in fairy tales either until it happened to me! (Cinderella, Bangkok)

Could you find love on the backpacker trail?Could you find love on the backpacker trail?

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