Application to Sell Your Services with SEA Backpacker

Thank you for your interest in working with South East Asia Backpacker!

Through the South East Asia Backpacker Marketplace, we’re excited to offer our audience the opportunity to book a variety of trips, tours, courses and activities on our website, as well as discover festivals, events and travel-related products. If you think that you have something that our readers should know about – please sign up to our Marketplace by filling in the vendor application form below. (FAQs below the form).

We pride ourselves on providing trips that have been tried and tested by our readers. If you wish to promote your trip on this site, you will be required to offer one of our contributors the chance to review it (for free) before we add your trip to our booking system.

If your trip is then accepted, there will be a review post of it elsewhere on the site, which will help to promote it further. Please specify in the form below if there are any requirements for the contributor we send to review your trip to take into account.

How long will the trip last. Will they need to bring anything special with them? Does this activity run all year, or do they need to come at a set time? And, of course, anything else that occurs to you.




If you have any trouble with this application form, please check the following:

  1. That you have created a password which is ‘strong’. It will not let you submit if it does not say ‘strong’ underneath the box.
  2. That you include http:// or https:// at the beginning of your web address. It will not recognise your URL without this.

If you are still having problems, please contact us via our page here, email us at info (@), or call us on +66 (0)80 254 4845 (Thailand). We’ll try our best to reply within 24 hours.


How much does it cost to sign up?

It is completely free to sign up and sell your product(s) on our website.

How do I get approved and what happens next?

After you’ve filled in the form above, you’ll hear from us within seven days regarding the success of your application.

Once approved as a vendor, you will be able to create a profile on our website and add photos and a description of your trip/tour/service/product. You can advertise as many of your products as you like through our Marketplace. Each product will be sent to our team for approval before publishing on our website.

What does SEA Backpacker get out of it?

We take a basic commission rate for every trip sold on our website based on the type of trip/service/product that you intend to sell. Please fill out the application form above first to start the conversation and we will contact you shortly with our suggested commission rate. (You can cancel your partnership with us at any time).

How does it work?

When the customer books your trip/tour/service via our website, they will pay a deposit via Paypal. The deposit is a percentage of the total amount of the trip, which has been agreed as our commission.

This deposit will remain in a ‘pending’ state (no money will be debited from the customer’s account) for 7 days until the trip date and any other details have been confirmed with the customer.

During this time, it is up to you to contact the customer and let them know if, for any reason, you cannot make the date/availability that they require.

Once the trip date and other details are agreed, you can send them any extra details that they will need before departing on your trip. The customer can either pay the remaining amount on arrival or beforehand if you require.

Are there any rules regarding the trip price?

To promote your trips on the SEA Backpacker Marketplace, we ask that you guarantee that the price you display is the lowest price that can be found anywhere else online. If we find that the trip is being sold for less on another bookings website, we have the right to remove your trip from our Marketplace.

Your profile and responsibility

All of your trips will be sold under your profile name. Customers will be able to rate your products and rate your company separately. It is up to you to keep your trip details up to date and reply promptly to any email enquiries that you may receive through our system.

Does South East Asia Backpacker offer marketing support?

Once your trip is published on our website, we offer free social networking support. We will share your trip on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other appropriate social networks. We will add links to your trip from relevant destination guides and articles and do everything that we can to help promote your trip in the relevant sections of our website. With a strong presence on Google and social media, we are positive that we can bring more attention to your company via our website.

Can I pay for extra marketing?

If you want to boost sales of your product via our website and really make your business stand out, we offer several effective ways to do this from a featured article about your trip/service to banner ads and extra social media marketing. Please contact us to receive our media pack.

What type of product/services does SEA Backpacker disallow on the website?

We do not support the following:

  • Elephant riding/trekking.
  • Animal tourism, such as snake shows, monkey shows, tiger shows etc.
  • Orphanage tourism.
  • Any volunteering with children.

Please see here for full vendor Terms and Conditions.

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