Terms & Conditions – For Vendors

Please see the terms and conditions for any company who wants to sell their services through the South East Asia Backpacker website:

GDPR compliance:

South East Asia Backpacker is managed with adherence to the European Union’s new data regulations, GDPR, in effect as of 25th May 2018. By signing up as a vendor to our website you agree to comply fully with the GDPR regulations (full document available here). For vendors this will mean the following:
  • When a customer books through our website, the vendor (you) will be sent the customer’s name and email address. You may also be sent additional ‘customer order notes’ such as pick-up address, diet requirements or other information that is relevant to the trip booking.
  • Under GDPR regulations you must agree to amend or delete the customer’s data if they email you asking you to do so.
  • You can email the customer only with regards to the particular trip that they have booked. You are not allowed to contact them for any other reason than to confirm travel arrangements or ask for information related to the trip that they have booked. You cannot sign them up to a newsletter, unless they specifically give you consent to do so, nor can you send them any promotional material, nor can you pass their email address on to any 3rd party.
  • The only data that we are allowed to take from the customer is the information that they give us at checkout. If you require further details from them, such as flight details, passport number or bank details, you must email the customer directly, without copying us in. We are not allowed to ask for additional information ourselves. It is your responsibility to handle the data that you obtain from the customer after the booking in accordance with the GDPR.
  • You can read our own Privacy Policy on how we handle customer’s data here.


We take a basic commission for every trip sold through South East Asia Backpacker based on the type of trip/service/product that you intend to sell.

Cancelling the partnership:

Either party (SEA Backpacker or the vendor) can cancel the partnership at any time.

How bookings work:

When the customer books your experience via our website, you will receive an email with the customer’s name and email and their chosen date to do the trip. The customer will pay a deposit via their credit or debit card online. The deposit is a percentage of the total amount of the trip, which has been agreed as SEA Backpacker’s commission. This deposit will remain in a ‘pending’ state (no money will be debited from the customer’s account) for 48 hours until the trip date has been confirmed by you with the customer. During this time, it is up to you to contact the customer promptly and confirm the details of the trip.  You should let the customer know if, for any reason, you cannot make the date/availability that they require. If you cannot make the date, then you can suggest another date to them. As long as you are in dialogue with the customer we will hold the deposit until the details have been confirmed. When all is confirmed with the customer – you should collect any missing information that you need to complete the booking – such as pick up place/hotel address/passport or visa number. SEA Backpacker is not responsible for chasing the customer to retrieve this information. IMPORTANT: Please cc. us in any replies to the customer so that we can keep track.

Changing the trip type:

During the 48 hour period (whilst the deposit is pending), the customer is able to make amends to the booking they have made i.e. change to a different trip if the one that they have chosen is not available, or downgrade/upgrade to a trip that has a different price. However, once the trip details have been agreed between you and the vendor and the deposit has been accepted, the customer cannot change to a different trip with a different price.

Confirming the trip and collecting remaining payment

Once the trip date and other details have been agreed, you can send the customer any extra details that they will need before departing on your trip. The customer can either pay the remaining amount on arrival or beforehand if you require. It is your responsibility to collect the final payment and SEA Backpacker does not chase late payments from customers.

Cancellation policy for the customer

The deposit for the customer is refundable. However, there will be a small cancellation fee applied (which is what Paypal/Stripe charge us to accept payment in the first place) which is around 5% of the total amount that the customer paid to us. Any refund of the customer’s second payment, which goes directly to you, is under your control and based on your own Ts and Cs. You must make this clear to the customer when they make the payment.

SEA Backpacker liability

Once the trip is confirmed, we accept no responsibility for any customer complaints or for anything which may go wrong for the customer during your trip. Nor, do we accept any responsibility for anything that may go wrong in the interim period between the customer confirming their trip with you and their departure date. The customer contract is solely with the vendor and it is the vendor’s responsibility to reply promptly to any enquiries the customer may have about their trip before they depart. Please read the full Terms and Conditions for our customers here.

We do not support the following product/services on our website:

  • Elephant riding/trekking.
  • Animal tourism, such as snake shows, monkey shows, tiger shows etc.
  • Orphanage tourism.
  • Any volunteering with children.

Trip Price:

IMPORTANT: To promote your trips with South East Asia Backpacker, we ask that you guarantee that the price you display is the same as the lowest price that can be found anywhere else online. If we find that the trip is being sold for less on another bookings website, we have the right to lower the price of your trip to match that bookings website.

Customer Enquiries:

Travellers can ask you a question directly – When a potential customer clicks ‘enquiries’ you will receive an email directly from them. We will also receive a copy of the message. So that we can keep track of everything, we ask you to cc. us in the reply to the customer. Failure to copy us in an email deliberately could lead to you being removed from our website. At the end of each month, we contact all customers who have made an enquiry through our website for feedback about how their trip enquiry was handled. If we discover any attempt by a vendor to bypass SEA Backpacker and suggest that the customer pays directly, the vendor will be immediately removed from our website.

Your profile and responsibility:

It is your responsibility to keep all of your trip details up to date on our website (itinerary/departure dates/what’s included) and reply promptly to any email enquiries that you may receive through our system. If we see that customers are waiting a long time for a response from you, or if you have not cc’d us in the emails in reply to the customer – you could be removed from our website.

Your profile & ratings:

All of your trips will be sold under your profile name. Travellers who have been on your trip can review the individual trip and/or you as a vendor. This will show on your profile page. You cannot remove customer reviews from your profile unless you have a valid reason for doing so, i.e. the review is a fake.

Your profile and product page:

Vendors are not permitted to add a link their own website to either their profile page or their product pages, for obvious reasons.

Marketing support:

Once your trip is published on our website, we offer free social networking support. We will share your trip on our FacebookTwitter, Instagram and other appropriate social networks. We will add links to your trip from relevant destination guides and articles and do everything that we can to help promote your trip in the relevant sections of our website. See this example of a destination guide that contains trip & tour adverts here.

Extra Marketing:

If you want to boost sales of your product via our website and really make your business stand out, we offer several effective ways to do this from a featured article about your trip/service to banner ads and extra social media marketing. Please contact us to receive our media pack.
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