BaliSpirit Festival

BaliSpirit Festival blooms every year in the heart of the magical island of Bali, surrounded by tropical rice fields, temples and timeless spirituality. Our festival concept has its roots in the core life-principle of Balinese Hinduism – Tri Hita Karana – to live in harmony with God, with people and with nature. Join us to deepen your practice of yoga, to connect to your spiritual self, to mingle with a like-minded community and to feel one with nature.

On April 2-8, 2018, from dawn to dusk and through the starry nights, explore our many offerings of world-class yoga, dance, breathwork and music within a conscious crowd of 7000 people from all around the world. Come and dive deep into mindful workshops and diverse yoga classes. Align your body and mind through holistic healing practices. Explore Earth-friendly products and food at the community market and bring your little ones to discover our kids’ space. Sing and shake it off at our Bhakti music concerts and cacao ceremonies and let yourself go at liberating ecstatic dances.

Or simply join us. And just be.


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