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Ethnic Hilltribe Eco Trails

About Ethnic Hilltribe Eco Trails

We offer authentic hiking trails that immerse you with the local ethnic hilltribe cultures of Northern Thailand. We are Karen hilltribe run and work with local hilltribeĀ guides and families in Doi Inthanon, Huai Nam Dang National Park, Doi Luang and Chiang Dao National Park.

We offer different types of treks/hiking from 1 to 3-day trails. With different activities such as only walking, bamboo rafting and caving. On all of our trails, we use only local hilltribe guides who have a wealth of knowledge about the fauna and flora of the rain-forest which they share with our guests. Our trails are also very interactive for example making your own plate from banana leaves. We have different trails for different seasons and trails that suit everyone from avid hikers to families.

We are hoping to steer travellers in the direction of responsible tourism, one that benefits and empowers local communities as well as family run business, which are the forefront of an economy. We teach skills development in Farmstay management, building and guide training to help empower ethnic minorities by giving them opportunities to make an income without having to leave for the cities.