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Friends Travel Vietnam

Friends Travel Vietnam pride themselves on providing trips and tours that go far beyond the norm. In their own words, there are as many travel companies in Vietnam as there are destinations! Friends Travel know that in order to stand out, they have to offer something truly exceptional.

To guide them in this endeavour, they are lead by a set of basic principles:

  • Thinking Small – Taking the care and attention to ensure that even the smallest of details is well thought out.
  • Thinking Local – In order to make sure that the tours they carry out are beneficial to the local community at the same time as making sure that the very best of that local community is allowed to shine in the eyes of the visitor.
  • Thinking About What Benefits The Visitor – It is always of the utmost importance to provide the visitor with an experience that’ll be unforgettable for them.
  • Thinking About What Benefits The Trip – A tour with Friends Travel Vietnam should be considered as a unique entity. The entirety of it from the first, until the last moment, adds up to the overall experience, much like a fine multi-course meal or a piece of music. Every aspect of the tour must compliment the totality of the experience.
  • Thinking About What Benefits The Planet – An aspect of travel which is often sadly overlooked. Friends Travel Vietnam ensure that the tours they organise have a net positive effect on the planet.
  • Friends Travel Vietnam will only provide tours that they would truly like to go on themselves. This carries through every aspect of the tour, the guide, the accommodation, the transport, food etc. Everything has to meet the high standard’s that the company themselves would demand when travelling.
  • Honesty is the Best Policy – This can refer to a number of situations. For instance, if bad weather is expected during the time that a customer has booked a tour, Friends Travel will inform them of this and make suggestions as to the ideal clothes for them to bring with them. Sometimes the accommodation provided on a certain tour is in a shared room, or with mattresses on the floor. In each of these situations, the accommodation will be good and highly appropriate for the trip in question. It is, of course, very important that the customer knows what to expect.
  • Offer A Small Collection Of Tours, But Make Them Truly Great – Here at South East Asia Backpacker we are guided too by this exact philosophy. There is too much choice in this world of travel. Both we and Friends Travel Vietnam believe that by offering only the very best activities and doing them as well as is humanly possible, we can ensure a truly incredible experience for the customer.
  • Customer Care Doesn’t Finish At The End Of The Tour – When you come to the end of your time with Friends Travel, they will be very happy to help you with the next stage of your journey. Whether you need help booking another activity, transport, catering, whatever, Friends Travel will be there to help you with it!