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Hand-2-Trunk gives people the opportunity to experience life with elephants while at the same time helping to support those communities who are dependent on elephants for their livelihoods. We believe that we offer a unique cultural experience to educate those who are interested in learning what it is like to live in a rural community where elephants are regarded as part of the family.

About the founder of Hand2Trunk: Tidarat Jitsook (Ann) is the daughter of a mahout (elephant carer) and many of her earliest memories of this world are of being around elephants. In her adult life, she has had the privilege of again being close to elephants when working for several different elephant organisations. These positions have also allowed her to work alongside many who share my love for elephants and meet many experts in the field of elephant conservation.

Hand2Trunk is a new initiative in Chiang Mai, Thailand: it’s an organisation which offers travellers an educational 10-day “elephant immersion” program. This is an ethical and unique experience to live closely with elephants and learn about their lives as well as the lives of those communities who have co-existed with elephants for thousands of years.

Read more about ethical elephant tourism in this article written by the founder of Hand2Trunk, Tidarat Jitsook (Ann).