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Mystik Mountains

Mystik Mountains is a government registered tour operator company based in Nepal that is committed to providing the best value service to our treasured guests that want to spend time in this majestic Himalayan country. We boast of a highly dedicated and energetic group of staff that possesses all the skills required to provide you with top-notch service during your time with us. We also have excellent professional relationships with service providers such as hotels, transport service providers, souvenir shops, adventure sports and gear shops to make your stay here hassle free and comfortable. At Mystik Mountains, we realize that you are the primary reason we get to do what we love the most on a daily basis. That’s why we place extremely high value on your choices and make sure we tailor every trek and tour we offer according to your preferences. We maintain extremely good communication with you even before your arrival in Nepal to find out about your requirements so we can ensure that your time in Nepal is just the way you want it, and hopefully a lot better. Come, experience Nepal’s magic through Mystik Mountains and see the difference. We hope to talk to you soon and be a part of your amazing time in Nepal!