Threeland Travel

Welcome to Threeland Travel Team!

Threeland Travel is a fully-licensed International Tour Operator under the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Vietnam. Our aim is to be the Best customized Tour Operator in Indochina with a wide range of activities all over Indochina and we are proud having completed various services successfully, including Series Package Tours and Travel Services to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, which are strongly promoted by popular tour operators in Europe and Asia, big and small-scaled MICE groups, themed tours, hard adventurous tours adapting top particular request, and independent trips for individual discovery. You can trust in THREELAND just for some reasons:

Speed: Simply your time is your money and our rule is answering within 24hours.

Cost-effectiveness: We deeply understand the expectation to receive as exact services as you have booked and our goal is telling our clients what they will definitely get for an enjoyable trip. Any news and updates from local regional authorities, any new exciting events, any outlets to open for hang-around, any promotions of our suppliers are to be advised to you as soon as they come into effect.

Flexibility: Whatever we say and sign, traveling is to find relax and pleasure. We care about our guests’ feelings primarily and our team is ready to take pressure to ensure your enjoyment during your journeys.

Sufficient travel services and high customizing capability: We are organizing Series Package Tours, Free & Easy Packages, hard adventure, independent trips, honeymoon long and short stays, themed tours and services to meeting and incentive groups.

Adaptation to negotiation: We highly appreciate your negotiation efforts. You are the best person who knows exactly what you want, and your ideas shall help us to find the best solution. The more mutual understanding, the more benefit.

Trust: We are operating for nearly 100 operators and travel agencies worldwide. For retail sales, one of the four new individual requests is from our previous clients, their families, friends and neighbours.

Sustainable and responsible travel: As many tour operators in Indochina, we focus on environmental protection. Smoking, deforestation, disruption of traditional life in local communities and destruction of the environment are discouraged or forbidden.

Fresh: The team of THREELAND is young, cool and effective. Each of your inquiry is considered a new challenge and all of us are eager to conquer it. We are young enough to frequently refresh our business concept, systems and structures, but we are mature enough to be your experienced partner shortly.

Last but not least, our slogan is Simply Your Best Local Friend. Despite you choose THREELAND or another helper, we will be happy to provide you with new, updated information about Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Your choice of traveling to Indochina is our honor and as other Indochinese people, we will unconditionally delight to welcome you.


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