WithLocals: Because Locals Know Best!

We’ve heard it time and time again sitting amongst fellow travellers – a desire to find more authentic travel experiences. As the conversation turns towards how days have been spent and nights have been enjoyed there is almost a competitive air that is likely to arise, all travellers wanting to prove that their experiences was the most authentic. Well fret no more, because we’ve discovered that there is a new kid in town ready to give you a hefty leg up on the competition!

‘WithLocals’ is a new organization that aims to utilize pre-existing local skills in order to create a better life for locals and a better travel experience for backpackers. 

Have you ever sat down in a restaurant with a menu that more closely resembles a book and wondered what someone in the know would order? Perhaps wondered if it could even be found at this type of eatery? “WithLocals” hopes to change this by providing backpackers with delicious home cooked meals to be enjoyed with inspiring company.

WithLocals food

The idea is simple travelers; gain connection, adelicious meal, and a cheaper dining experience. While the hosts reap similar rewards; new friends and money simply for whipping up a home-cooked meal like they would have anyway.

In addition to eating, “WithLocals” will set travellers up with a plethora of unique tours and activities that link knowledgeable locals with inquisitive backpackers. The options are limitless and can be pushed as far as your curiosity allows.

Intrigued by the life of a Tuk Tuk driver in Bangkok? “WithLocals” will make it possible to enter into their world for a day. Fancy experiencing the amazing Water Festival, Songkran, in Chiang Mai past the touristy hub of Tha-Pae Gate? “WithLocals” will pair you with Chiang Mai natives who will show you the festival from their perspective.

Water festival

Bragging rights will be achieved, but ‘WithLocals” is about so much more. It is about providing locals with fair trade wages for doing what they already do, because after all isn’t this what we as travellers are striving to see? It is about forming new connections and friendships that are mutually beneficial. Most importantly it is about changing the tourism industry into something that strives to empower communities instead of destroying them.

Intrigued? “WithLocals” will kick off in Thailand during the month of September, with plans to expand into other parts of Asia shortly after. If you are interested in more info or even subscribing for the first launch visit the WithLocals website or follow them on Facebook for new updates!

This is a sponsored article.

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