What’s in This Issue? The Best of Issue 19: July / August

What’s in This Issue? The Best of Issue 19: July / August

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Endless nights of staying up until well into the early hours, fuelled by Chang, excitement  and adrenaline – no, we’re not talking about a typical backpacking holiday but the effort the S.E.A Backpacker Team put into the magazine revamp! For our third birthday we’ve gone all upmarket with a hard back spine – get us! – and NEW sections including Annabelle, Local Portraits and Party Hotspots – here’s a taster of what’s inside…

Destination Spotlight: Sumatra, Indonesia: Losing Sense of Time

Do you feel it’s time to venture to the roads less known, to be brave, to be aware, to remember that comfort is relative..? Whether you travel alone, with a partner, or with a handful of mates, your experience will be beautiful and unique. Without too much stress on how or where, you will find your path and answers to questions you did not know to ask. Six months backpacking with his wife in Sumatra, Indonesia was, for Alex Gannes, so much more than a destination for scuba diving, empty white sand beaches, pristine jungles, endless motor biking, trekking, remoteness, and immersing themselves into truly overlooked cultures. It was a time for his soul to breath; for his inner voice to guide him. It was an experience that changed his perspective…

Beach Walk - Sumatra

Feature: Falling in Love on the Road

Love for us generally unencumbered nomads is a tad different to the traditional ‘holiday romance’ (yeah – remember those?!). Let’s face it, when your home is on your back, and your next move sporadic (and as sod’s law usually dictates, imminent for at least one of you), this casts a whole different perspective on the notion of finding a love-mate en route. Who follows whom? Indeed, does anyone actually bother? Could the grubby-looking stranger with whom you shared furtive glances over a bottle of Chang possibly have more staying power than your flipflops outside a Koh Phangan bar? Deputy Editor Karen Farini lures the intimate details from five very diverse love-struck backpackers…

love on the road

Off the Beaten Track: Uzbekistan: Couchsurfing a War Zone

OK, so we know Uzbekistan isn’t in South East Asia, but we couldn’t resist this incredible travel story from Sina and Tom (founders of Travel4more.org). If you happen to be travelling overland from Australia to Germany, then you’re definitely going to get more “off-the-beaten-track” experiences than the rest of us! In one of their latest blog excerpts, Sina and Tom give us the lowdown on their arrival in one of the least visited countries on the planet…


NEW Feature: Annabelle: Something to Declare

Well, she’s finally landed in Bangkok, the grey skies and humdrum routines behind her – she should have come away sooner! God only knows what she’s going to get up to in the next year but rest assured there’ll be hi-jinx, adventure and a fair smattering of trouble along the way. Luckily we’re on her postcard list, so she’ll be keeping us updated on all her shenanigans (well, the printable ones, at least). Introducing Annabelle, a creature of hedonism, a maverick, a lady of leisure… although some could argue she’s anything but a lady…


Feature: Dive South East Asia: A New Addiction

Some people never find what they’re looking for, whilst others traverse deserts to find their solace – or explore jungles, or climb to the peaks of the highest mountains. For Rob Clark, his tranquility can be found in that world under the sea. He recounts the trepid experience of his first descent, the eerie darkness of his first night dive and the lessons he learned along the way to becoming an experienced diver. If you’re a diver or find yourself intrigued by diving, this one is definitely for you…

sea anemone

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