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Hey there! We’re Nikki and Dave and we’re here to answer any questions you have about travel in Southeast Asia!

Nikki and Dave
Nikki & Dave – The South East Asia Backpacker Team.

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Questions about Trips & Tours

If you have a question about one of the activities on our website, you can ask a question directly on the page of the activity that you are interested in. Your message will be sent directly to the trip organiser. You can also chat with Nikki via the chat on the web page or if you prefer, send us an email or Whatsapp as per above!

Questions about Writing For Us 

If you’d like to become a writer for South East Asia Backpacker, please visit our write for us page first where you can get info on the types of articles that we’re looking for and also submit an article for consideration. If you have any new updates to our travel guides please email us on the address above.

Questions about Travel in Southeast Asia

The best place to get answers to your questions about travelling in Southeast Asia (help with your itinerary, visas, transport, budget advice and more) is our wonderful Facebook Group: The South East Asia Backpacker Community. (Join now if you aren’t already a member!)

In the group, you will find many long-term nomads and expats in Southeast Asia willing to answer your questions, as well as newbie backpackers looking for advice and wanting to meet travel buddies! Nikki is also on hand daily answering questions and dishing out expert advice. Feel free to tag her @Nikki Scott if you want some personal tips!

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