Trail 6, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Hiking Guide

Trekking in the Cameron Highlands is a must-do activity in this part of Malaysia. With a range of trails suitable to all abilities, you’ll find a hike here!

Two girls each wearing a backpack. One Osprey Farpoint, one Pacsafe Venturesafe

Best Osprey Backpacks for Travel

Choose the best Osprey backpack for travel with our ultimate guide. We cover the best options as well as point out what to look for in an Osprey…

Taman Negara trekking

10 Best Hikes in Southeast Asia

If you’re looking at hiking trails in Southeast Asia, you’re in the right place! With so many epic treks across the region, the hardest part is choosing which one you do first!

Elephants in river

What Is an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary?

Knowing what a truly ethical elephant sanctuary looks like will help you support the right organisations during your time in Southeast Asia. This article, with the opinions of experts, will tell you all you need to know!

Thai Baht

9 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit

Are you looking for a budget-friendly trip? Look no further! This shortlist of the cheapest countries in Asia promises amazing travel experiences and excellent bang for your buck!

Purifying water using the Grayl Geopress

Grayl Alternatives – Our Top Picks!

Grayl bottles are excellent but if you’re looking for something cheaper, or a bottle to clean your water in a different way, these alternatives are perfect


The ULTIMATE Backpacker Visa Guide to Southeast Asia

As a backpacker in South East Asia crossing borders becomes a regular undertaking. Each country has a different rule of entry and some countries will require you to apply for a visa before you travel. As visa requirements often change, for travellers it can be difficult to plan things like budget and duration of travel. Here, we’ve done our best to compile the latest visa information in South East Asia to make it easier to plan your trip!

Thailand Drone Image

Are Drones Legal In Southeast Asia?

Drones are becoming commonplace for travellers but are they legal in Southeast Asia? Read more to find out everything you need to know about…

Kuang Si Waterfall, laos

Visiting Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos – Travel Guide

Kuang Si Waterfall (also called Tat Kuang Si) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Laos. If you’re planning to visit this epic waterfall, this guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Masjid mosque

Backpacking During Ramadan | Travelling in Southeast Asia

If you’re travelling Southeast Asia during the month of Ramadan, it is important to know what to expect. Changes to opening hours and heightened cultural sensitivities mean that travel can be rather different around this time.

Best Travel Shoes for Backpackers

Best Travel Shoes for Backpackers – Top Picks for Men and Women!

Deciding which shoes to take on your trip can be overwhelming. How many pairs do you need and what type of travel shoes will suit you best? Our gear guide expert Tim comes to your rescue, armed with the recommendations of our community. Wonder no more, here is the ultimate list of the best shoes for travel!

Diving in Gili T

Diving in Indonesia: 8 Bucket List Dive Sites

Diving in Indonesia is a must-do activity for underwater lovers. These 8 dive sites are some of the best in the country and promise to showcase the most amazing marine life that the country has to offer!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Temples, Tours and Tips!

Breathtaking and awe-inspiring, Angkor Wat astounds even the most unlikely of backpackers. Beer guzzlers are turned into Culture Vulture’s overnight as Chang Vests are replaced with ones that say ‘Angkor Wat is f**ing amazing!’ Hailed as one of the most magnificent examples of architecture ever created, it’s a site all travellers in Southeast Asia should see.

The Best Filterned Water Bottle for Travel - The Gray Geopress

The Best Filtered Water Bottles for Travel

A filtered water bottle is an essential item for the responsible traveller in Southeast Asia. Not only will it ensure that you can drink purified water from any water source, but it also means that you will be protecting the environment from unnecessary plastic waste. Read our pick of the best options for filtered travel bottles for your journey!

Raja Ampat Indonesia

7 Off the Beaten Track Islands in Indonesia to Visit

With over 17,500 islands in Indonesia, how on earth do you choose where to visit? We’ve all seen the usual recommendations but what if you want to get off the beaten track? Australian expat Cherie reveals her pick of the best islands for your Indonesian adventure.

Padang Padang Beach

12 Beautiful Beaches in Bali (+3 You Should Avoid)!

No trip to Bali is complete without a few beach days. However, not all of the beaches in Bali are of the same standard. In fact, some are pretty overrated! This article will help you weed out the good from the bad!

Partying at Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, Hanoi.

11 Pumping Party Hotspots in Southeast Asia

If you’re looking for the most pumping party destinations in Southeast Asia you’re in the right place! These legendary destinations draw in revellers from across the world!

Volcano in Indonesia

21 Amazing Places to Visit in Indonesia

If you’re looking for varied and interesting places in Indonesia, then look no further! This epic compilation of destinations offers something for every kind of traveller!

Proof of Onward Travel – Do You Really Need it?

Do you *really* need an onward flight ticket when flying internationally? Is a bus ticket enough? We answer your questions about onward travel and break down onward travel rules for Southeast Asia!

Three backpackers with their matching Osprey Backpacks heading to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan!

The Best Travel Backpacks for 2023

We asked 100+ of our readers to tell us which is the best backpack (brand, model & size) for travelling Southeast Asia – and here are the results! So, if you’re looking for a backpack yourself… Sit back, relax, and read some words of wisdom from fellow travellers in Southeast Asia – so that you can find the perfect backpack for you!

Travellers looking at a laptop by the swimming pool

17 Best Travel Vloggers to Watch on YouTube

From motorbiking the world to eating every weird food that a country has to offer, each one of these travel YouTubers is exploring our amazing planet in a unique and interesting way! Which YouTuber will inspire your next adventure?

6 Epic Motorcycle Routes in Southeast Asia

Riding a motorcycle in Southeast Asia is a rite of passage. No matter whether you want a short journey or an epic adventure, these motorcycle routes will offer the adrenaline, freedom and vistas you dream of!

Girl at airport with backpack

9 Top Travel Backpacks for Women

These are the best travel backpacks for women recommended by travel-loving ladies from our community. For the best fit, choose a female-specific pack. This will better cater to your body…

Samui Plus, Thailand: A Traveller’s Guide

Are you interested in Thailand’s Samui Plus scheme? This allows fully vaccinated, international travellers to visit the three most popular islands without needing to complete a lengthy state quarantine!

Singapore quarantine hotels

Top 10 Quarantine Hotels in Singapore

We look at the best hotels in Singapore to complete your SHN (Stay Home Notice), also known as the two week mandatory quarantine. Pay extra for a suite to pick your quarantine hotel.

Farpoint and Fairview Trek

Frame vs Frameless Backpacks

Travel backpacks usually feature an internal frame for support and stability. But what does that actually mean? In this article, we dive into the differences between frame and frameless backpacks!

Tropicfeel Shell Featured Image

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review

Tropicfeel are always pushing boundaries with their innovative products. So how good is the Shell? Find out in this Tropicfeel Shell backpack review!

Pho in Vietnam

Vietnamese Phở: The Nation’s Best Loved Soup

Eating phở in Vietnam is a traveller rite of passage. The country’s national dish is an aromatic noodle soup with a vibrant history. Learn all about it, including where to eat it, in this complete guide.

Backpack and yoga mat.

What Size Backpack Do I Need For Travel?

If you’re not a gear expert, choosing what size backpack to buy for travel can be confusing. After all, you want to fit in everything you need but don’t want to be nursing a sore back every day! Our gear expert helps you decide which size backpack suits you best.

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