Proof of Onward Travel – Do You Really Need it?

Do you *really* need an onward flight ticket when flying internationally? Is a bus ticket enough? We answer your questions about onward travel and break down onward travel rules for Southeast Asia!

Best Airline Sites – Which is the cheapest?

Skyscanner​ or Expedia​? KAYAK or Momondo? TripAdvisor or Hipmunk? Or does still have the cheapest deals? Aaaaahhhh! Too many travel comparison sites to choose between, all of them telling you that they’ll get you the best price! But who is telling the truth?

The Burmese Backpacker Boom!

When over 50 years of conflict that made the country a no-go zone for travellers came to an end, Southeast Asia suddenly had a new and amazing country for intrepid travellers to explore! Now backpackers are hitting Myanmar’s shores in droves. So what does the country have to offer them in terms of adventure? And will the country’s under-developed infrastructure be able to handle the newfound popularity?

Aeroplane on the runway.

Do You Suffer From Jet Lag? Try These Handy Tips!

Jet Lag is literally a lagging behind of one’s energy as our body moves at a rate that is faster than we’re naturally designed to move. Jet lag comes with symptoms the commonly include; fatigue, insomnia / disturbed sleep patterns, dizziness, co-ordination problems, headache and dehydration. These symptoms do gradually fade over time. However, Soul Seekers’ Ambassador Melanie Swan, is here to give us tips on how to quicken the whole process and have us enjoying our new destination from Day One!

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