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Updated 4th June 2021.

See here for Southeast Asia Travel COVID-19 overview.


  • Social restrictions across Indonesia are extended through to 14th June 2021. This means that schools remain closed, shops and restaurants are required to close by a certain hour and businesses have limited capacity. Restrictions vary for each region. See more info below. Source.


  • Rumours have been circulating for months about the reopening of Bali. The date of 1st July (coincidentally the same date as the Phuket reopening) has been earmarked as the day when the island will reopen to international travellers.
  • The reopening was announced by the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, at the Arabian Travel Market last month in Dubai. He also suggested that, along with Bali, several other places, such as Bintan and Batam would serve as ‘locomotive’ destinations with which to kickstart tourism in the country. Source.
  • Right now, however, the reopening of Indonesia has not been made official and travel requirements have not yet been released by the government. We do not yet know which countries Bali would open to and if those travellers would have to be vaccinated and/or if they would have to quarantine. In other words – don’t book that flight just yet!


On 17th May 2021, the Indonesian Ministry of Health sent a recommendation letter to the Indonesian Government’s COVID-19 Task Force recommending the following changes:

  1. Visas for nationals of India or South Africa to be suspended until further notice.
  2. Any foreign national who has travelled to India or South Africa within the past 14 days will not be allowed entry to Indonesia.
  3. There will be a 14-day hotel quarantine for any Indonesian national who has travelled to India or South Africa in the past 14 days.
  4. There will be a 14-day hotel quarantine for any foreign citizen who has travelled to the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, USA, UK or Saudi Arabia in the past 14 days.
  5. Any foreigner whose nationality is not mentioned in the above list (point 4.) will still have to undergo a 5-day quarantine in a government approved hotel.
  6. Indonesian nationals who are not travelling from any of the countries mentioned in the above list (4.) will have to undergo a 5-day hotel quarantine, followed by 14 days of further quarantine in their home.

At the moment, these are only recommendations from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and there has been no official statement from the government announcing these changes. We are checking the news daily and will update this article as soon as we hear fresh information on whether or not these suggestions will be implemented. You can see the official letter from the MOH below:

Indonesian Ministry of Health letter
17th May 2021 – Recommendation letter from the Indonesian Ministry of Health to the COVID-19 Task Force.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing daily. The following information reflects South East Asia Backpacker’s current understanding of the rules. We work hard to update this information as often and accurately as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. We strongly advise you contact the embassy of the country you are visiting for the latest information.

Indonesia Travel Restrictions (June 2021)

Can you travel to Indonesia right now? SUMMARY:

No. Indonesia is currently not allowing any non-Indonesian nationals to enter the country until further notice. Exemptions to this include diplomats on official business, holders of Indonesian residency cards, foreigners who are travelling for official business, humanitarian aid, essential work or other essential reasons. You must have official permission to travel from the relevant government department.*


Despite not officially being allowed to travel, some foreigners are finding ways to enter Indonesia. In recent months, many foreign nationals have applied for the Single-Entry B211 Business Visa (also known as the Social Cultural Visa) which allows visitors to stay in the country for up to 180 days. The visa, which is expensive to obtain, must be arranged by a travel agency and you will need to be sponsored by an Indonesian company. If you believe that you have grounds to apply for the visa, check out the very helpful Facebook group: Visa & Immigration Indonesia.

Before you enter Indonesia, you will need to:

If you are able to obtain a valid visa (for one of the reasons mentioned above), you will still need to:

  1. Carry a health certificate confirming a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your departure to Indonesia.
  2. Complete the Indonesian eHAC registration (Indonesia Health Alert Card) and supply the QR code on inspection at the airport in Indonesia.
  3. Have a COVID-19 test on arrival at the airport.
  4. Quarantine in a specified hotel for five days. After this, you will have another COVID-19 test, which, if negative, will allow you to leave quarantine.

Quarantine Period:

All travellers to Indonesia from abroad (foreign and Indonesian) must quarantine for five days in a hotel upon arrival. Citizens of India, the Philippines and Pakistan must quarantine for 14 days.

(Important: For the time being, you will still have to quarantine even if you are fully vaccinated. Currently, there is no difference in terms of the quarantine period between vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers.)

International flights are currently only flying into Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Manado. You must choose your quarantine hotel in your city of arrival. The hotel must be paid for by the traveller and costs average around $100 US per night depending on the hotel. See our recommendations for the best Jakarta Quarantine Hotels here.

Face Masks: 

It is compulsory to wear a face mask in public places across the country, whether indoors or outdoors. Fines will be imposed on anyone who breaks this law.

See here for recommendations on the best face masks for travel.

Internal Travel Restrictions in Indonesia: 

  • Restrictions are in place on social activity and movement until 14th June 2021. Source. While the restrictions are slightly different in each region, depending on the number of COVID-19 cases, across the country schools are closed, shops and restaurants are required to close by a certain hour (usually 9 pm) and there are limits on the number of employees allowed to work in buildings (50% capacity).
  • While some sources suggest that a spike in COVID-19 cases is on the way due to illegal travel during the Islamic holiday, Eid-al Fitr, the country is holding back on any further lockdown. Source.
  • Schools are planning to reopen in July. Source.
  • Those wishing to travel between cities or states must take an RT-PCR test before travelling by air, rail or sea. This requirement is not the case for those travelling by bus or private vehicle, though it is encouraged. Source.

Land Borders: 

Entry into the neighbouring country of Malaysia (via Borneo island) is currently prohibited.

Hotels and guesthouses: 

Hotels and guesthouses remain open for business, although many have been forced to close due to lack of custom. Social distancing measures and mask-wearing are being applied to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Public places: 

Public services and activities are currently restricted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Shops, bars and restaurants are currently operating at 50% of their normal capacity. There are restrictions on public gatherings. 

On the ground traveller reports:

I’m in Komodo, Labuan Bajo. It’s beautiful, very free, most places, like shops restaurants and coffee shops are open and there is some tourism. Tourists can enter Indonesia on a business visa which is easily obtained via a visa agent, you find those online. A 5-day quarantine is mandatory in a hotel as you arrive but after that, you can travel all over Indonesia but need a rapid test (very cheap) if you’re changing regions. Komodo diving is better even than before with very few people in the park! – Christan, 15th May 2021.

I’m currently in Bandung, West Java, previously Bali. You can travel domestically but there has been a travel ban during these last few weeks and Bali extended it another week to prevent large scale travel towards the end of Ramadan month. – Cherie, 15th May 2021

I’m in Bali. It’s great. Not great for people who rely on tourists though. Loads of westerners living here. – Mark, 14th May 2021


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12 thoughts on “COVID-19: Indonesia Travel Updates

  1. dalia says:

    what happens if you test positive at the end of your 5 day quarantine? does anybody have any experience of this or know what happens?

    • Nikki Scott says:

      Hi Dalia, see the Facebook Group: “Visa & Immigration Indonesia”. (Link in Resources above.) I read a post recently from someone who tested positive after 5 days. You can read about their experience.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for your helpful article. I’m a little confused about which nationalities would have to quarantine for 14 days (vs 5 days). In your points 4 & 5 under the heading PROPOSED CHANGES TO INDONESIAN QUARANTINE, do you mean that Americans would have to quarantine 14 days because USA is mentioned in point 4? I hadn’t read that elsewhere. I’m a property owner in Bali and would like to visit in August if they open the boarders.
    Thanks for any clarification . . . it’s really difficult to understand the changing regulations.

    • Nikki Scott says:

      Hi Amy,
      Yes. That is what the proposal from the Indonesian Ministry of Health recommends. Anyone from (or travelling from) the list of countries in point 4 would have to quarantine for 14 days as opposed to 5. HOWEVER, please be aware that at this stage, this is just a proposal that was given to the Indonesian Government COVID-19 task Force on 17th May and nothing has been made official yet. The quarantine period is still 5 days for everyone except those travelling from the Philippines, Pakistan or India. I would highly recommend you join the Facebook group: “Visa & Immigration Indonesia” which is really helpful for keeping up to date with any changes that are made. Also, be aware that the details surrounding the reopening of Bali have yet to be agreed upon and so things could be entirely different for US citizens travelling to that part of Indonesia by August! We will keep updating this article when new info comes available. Best of luck!

  3. giorgia trevisan says:

    I am planning to go to Jakarta soon and I have heard about the change of quarantine length for some counties included the UK
    Did you have any news about it.?
    I have asked the Indonesian embassy in London and they are not aware of any change as yet
    Thank you


    • Nikki Scott says:

      We are also not aware of any change to the quarantine rules as of yet. It is so far still 5 days unless you are coming from the Philippines, Indian or Pakistan. We will be updating this page as soon as we hear of any change. Be sure to get the final word from the Indonesian Embassy though – they should be the first to know!

        • Angelina says:

          Hey! Any clarifications on transits through turkey? I would like to fly from latvia via turkey to jakarta. Trying to understand if i will have to do 14 days quarantine?

          • Nikki Scott says:

            I do not believe Turkey are on the 14-day list (only the Philippines, India and Pakistan so far), however, it is best to ask your local Indonesian Embassy. You could also ask in the Facebook Group “Visa & Immigration Indonesia” which is very helpful.

  4. SANAA BAYI says:

    Thanks for all these useful information. I would like to know if it’s possible to quarantine in Manado without transit through Jakarta.
    I haven’t see any information regarding “quarantine hotels” in Manado. I saw international flight available from singapore to mandano though.
    I was wondering if you have any information.

    • Nikki Scott says:

      Hi there! International flights are currently operating to Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Manado and I believe that you can complete your quarantine in any of these cities. I have not seen any information on quarantine hotels in Manado, however, I am in a very helpful Facebook group that may be able to help you. It is called ‘Visa & Immigration Indonesia’. See the link above in the Resources. I wish you the best of luck!

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