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Drone Laws in Brunei – Can I Fly A Drone in Brunei?

Drone laws in Brunei are relatively simple but there’s a lot of misinformation about them. We got in touch with official sources within the Brunei government and aviation authority to find out exactly what’s going on with drones in Brunei. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know about flying a drone in Brunei!

This series of articles outlines our understanding of drone laws in Southeast Asia. We always recommend checking with official sources to ensure you’re operating your drone legally. 

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What Are The Drone Laws In Brunei?

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If you’re a local or resident of Brunei, you’re required to get a permit from the Department of Civil Aviation before you’re allowed to fly your drone. Tourists, visitors and non-residents are not required to get a permit to fly a drone in Brunei – but you must register and declare your drone before entering the country. You can find the required documentation for registering your drone here

Locals can download the required registration and permit forms here.

Can I Fly A Drone In Brunei?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Brunei. Both commercial and personal use drones are permitted in Brunei. However, there are some hoops to jump through before you can legally get your drone in the air!

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Drone In Brunei?

There is no cost to registering your drone in Brunei.

When Should I Register A Drone for Brunei?

Import permits are valid for two weeks, so you should register your drone no more than two weeks before you enter the country. 

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Drone In Brunei?

Drone insurance isn’t a legal requirement in Brunei. However, some level of insurance is a good idea for expensive items like drones. 

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Rules About Flying Drones In Brunei

When Can I Fly a Drone in Brunei?

You can only fly a drone in Brunei during daylight and in good weather conditions. 

Where Can I Fly a Drone in Brunei?

You can fly a drone anywhere in Brunei except, around temples, mosques and historical sites (unless you have express permission). You also cannot fly within 5km of airports, military bases or government buildings. 

You must never fly over crowds of people and must keep the drone in sight at all times. 

Is There a Maximum Altitude for Drones in Brunei?

The maximum altitude for drones in Brunei is 200 feet (60 metres). 

Flying Drones in Brunei – A Round-Up

Thankfully, flying a drone in Brunei is easy as a tourist. You just need to register the importation of the drone, then you’re free to fly it recreationally. If you want to fly a drone for commercial purposes, you’ll need to get permission!

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