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Drone Laws In Indonesia – Can I Fly A Drone In Indonesia?

Drone laws in Indonesia are more comprehensive than in other Southeast Asian countries, but don’t let this put you off. Legally flying a drone in Indonesia is easy for tourists and amateurs. As long as you’re over 18 and your drone weighs less than 2kg, you don’t need a permit to fly a drone recreationally in Indonesia. 

Keep reading for a more detailed look at Indonesian drone laws!

This series of articles outlines our understanding of drone laws in Southeast Asia. We always recommend checking with official sources to ensure you’re operating your drone legally. 

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What Are The Drone Laws In Indonesia?

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If you’re over 18 and travelling with a lightweight drone for recreational reasons, you don’t need a permit to fly it in Indonesia. 

Drones for commercial use and machines over 2kg require a permit. Drone pilots under 18 also need a permit. 

Can I Fly A Drone In Indonesia?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Indonesia. However, there are a bunch of rules and regulations to abide by. 

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Drone In Indonesia?

Registering a drone in Indonesia costs between $7-$150USD. If your drone has a camera, it will be $150USD. 

When Should I Register A Drone for Indonesia?

If required, you should register your drone for use in Indonesia at least two weeks before you intend to fly. 

You can register your drone using the registration form on the Director General of Civil Aviation website

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Drone In Indonesia?

Only drones flying for commercial purposes need insurance. But insurance is always a good idea for drones. We use Cover Drone for drone insurance. Click here for Coverdrone UK!

Rules About Flying Drones In Indonesia

When Can I Fly a Drone in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, you can only fly a drone during daytime and in good weather conditions.

Where Can I Fly a Drone in Indonesia?

Indonesia has stringent rules about where you can’t fly a drone within the country. 

You cannot fly:

  • Around historical sites, temples and national parks without a special permit
  • Within 15km of airports, military bases and government buildings
  • From moving vehicles
  • Faster than 100mph/160kph
  • Above people
  • Over 150m/500 feet
  • Near clouds – you must be at least 150m below and 600m away from any cloud formation 

You must also keep the drone in line of sight at all times and have visibility of at least 4.8km. 

As long as you follow these rules, you can pilot your drone without a problem! 

Failure to follow these rules can lead to expensive fines ($300 – $30,000USD) and potential imprisonment! 

Is There a Maximum Altitude for Drones in Indonesia?

The maximum altitude for flying drones in Indonesia is 150m.

Flying Drones in Indonesia – A Round-Up

Indonesia’s geography, plant life and Instagramable beaches, make it a dream for drone pilots. The country is friendly towards recreational drone pilots but be careful to follow the rules set out by the Director General of Civil Aviation, breaking these rules can lead to severe punishments!

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