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Can I Drink Tap Water in Malaysia?

Tap water in Malaysia isn’t safe for drinking. Although treatment plants which clean the water are common across much of the country by the time it gets to your tap, it’s often been contaminated by old pipes. These can leech chemicals into your water. Some of them are in such bad shape that they actually have splits in the pipeline, this means anything can get in!

Your accommodation in Malaysia may have a filtration system plumbed into their taps. Always ask at your hotel or hostel to see if you can drink tap water. 

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Can I Brush My Teeth With Tap Water in Malaysia?

Most travellers will be able to brush their teeth with tap water in Malaysia – just be careful not to swallow too much. 

If you’re worried, or have a sensitive stomach, we suggest sticking to bottled or filtered water for brushing your teeth. 

Taps In A Communal Bathroom
If you’re worried about getting ill, stick to bottled water for brushing your teeth in Malaysia!

Can I Wash My Face With Tap Water in Malaysia?

Yes, you can wash your face with tap water in Malaysia. Just be careful not to swallow any or get too much in your eyes. 

Do Locals in Malaysia Drink Tap Water?

Some Malaysians drink tap water but only if it’s been filtered or boiled first. Having a filter attached to a tap in Malaysia is relatively common. 

Is Ice in Malaysia Safe?

Yes, ice in Malaysia is generally safe to consume. Most ice in Malaysia is made in factories with clean water. Look out for cylindrical ice cubes with a hole in the middle. This is factory ice and is completely safe. 

Are There Water Dispensers in Malaysia?

Yes, there are water dispensers in Malaysia. They’re more common in big cities or popular tourist towns but aren’t unheard of in more rural locations. You can often get a litre of water for around 20 sen ($0.04USD). 

Bottled Water in Malaysia

Bottled water is everywhere in Malaysia. Expect to pay 3-5RM ($0.60-$1USD) for 1.5 litres. 

bottled water
You’ll find bottled water available across Malaysia!

Can I Use a Filtered Water Bottle in Malaysia?

Yes, you can use a filtered water bottle in Malaysia. We recommend using a proper purifier like the Grayl UltraPress. It removes viruses as well as bacteria and protozoa from your water. 

Tap Water in Malaysia – Is It Drinkable?

Although tap water in Malaysia is considered clean and safe when it leaves the purification plant, the country’s ageing network of pipes needs an upgrade. Metals and chemicals can leech from the pipes and splits can allow bacteria and other contaminants into the water. By the time the water has reached your tap, it’s unlikely to be clean!

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