Myanmar (Burma) Visas & Entry Requirements (Inc. COVID-19 Rules & Restrictions)

How to Enter Myanmar? Quick Answers

  • Do I need special permission to enter Myanmar? No, citizens of most countries do not need special permission to enter Myanmar. Countries eligible for an eVisa and/or visa exemption can be found here.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Myanmar? Citizens from eight countries can enter Myanmar on the visa exemption scheme for a period ranging from 15-30 days. A single-entry eVisa (official website here) is now available online for most foreign citizens for a period of 28 days. 
  • Do I need proof of onward travel? Yes, you will be asked to show proof of onward travel when you enter Myanmar – prepare accordingly.
  • Do I need proof of COVID-19 vaccination? No, but a thermal screening device will be used to take your temperature when you arrive. If the result could indicate a COVID-19 case, the authorities will perform an official COVID-19 test. See this update from the official website for more details.
  • Do I need travel insurance? Yes, visitors are required to show proof of travel insurance including cover for COVID-19. See popular insurers here. If the traveller is not able to show proof of insurance they will need to purchase insurance from the recommended domestic insurer through this website.

Myanmar Visa Summary

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Visa exemption is only available to citizens from some countries within Southeast Asia (see Visa Exemption). If you want to stay longer than the time allocated to you under the visa exemption, you’ll need to apply for an eVisa.

If you require a visa to enter the country, you must apply online prior to arrival. The eVisa must be approved before you fly to Myanmar. 

Visa on arrival is not available!

The eVisa is valid for 28 days once activated and is a single-entry visa. For stays longer than 28 days, you will need to do a border run.

Myanmar: COVID-19 Requirements

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

  • Vaccinated travellers: No requirements
  • Non-vaccinated travellers: No requirements 
  • Temperature checks are performed upon arrival, followed by a COVID-19 test if necessary

Entry Requirements & Documents

  • A passport with six months validity and a minimum of one blank page
  • A valid visa

Travel Insurance Requirements

  • COVID-19 insurance is required for foreigners to enter Myanmar. Failure to present proof of insurance results in mandatory purchase through the recommended domestic provider.
Do You Have Travel Insurance?

Do You Have Travel Insurance?

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Myanmar: Visa Exemption

The list of nationalities that can enter Myanmar on the visa exemption scheme are:

No.CountryExemption Period
1Brunei14 days
2Cambodia14 days
3Indonesia14 days
4Laos14 days
5Philippines14 days
6Thailand14 days
7Vietnam30 days
8Singapore30 days

Myanmar: Type of Visas

eVisa: 30-Day Single-Entry Tourist Visa

  • What is an eVisa? A single-entry visa that is valid for 90 days and once activated, allows you to stay for a maximum of 28 days within the 90-day window. Once the Burmese immigration department has received the application and the fee, the visa is typically processed within three working days. (Account for delays, which occur frequently!) Countries eligible for the eVisa can be found here.
  • How to apply: You must apply online before you arrive in Myanmar. The current processing time is three business days. Fill in the form on the official eVisa website here.
  • Cost: The price of the online eVisa is currently $50USD (Subject to change.)

What do you need to apply? 

  • A passport with six months validity and a minimum of one blank page
  • You will need to submit a photo that meets the following conditions:
  • Taken within the last six months
  • 4x6cm in size, straight face, no hat, and no dark or tinted glasses 
  • Both ears must be shown
  • Photo must be clear for identification 
  • Must not be edited
  • The photo must be in colour
  • The background must be white/bright
  • Photos on a dark and or decorated background will not be accepted

Make sure to use only the official website for your Burmese Visa!

Be careful to only use this official link when applying for your eVisa. Many agencies pose as the official website but they will charge you extra for the visa.

List of countries eligible for the eVisa: (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)

No.Country NameNo.Country Name
2.Algeria52.Korea, DPR
3.Argentina53.Korea, Republic
20.Colombia70.New Zeland
21.Costa Rica71.Norway
22.Côte d’Ivoire72.Pakistan
31.Fiji81.Saudi Arabia
36.Ghana86.South Africa
38.Guatemala88.Sri Lanka
45.Israel95.United Kingdom
46.Italy96.United States of America

Do NOT Forget!

Make sure to print your visa approval upon arrival!

Myanmar: Extending your Visa

Currently, Myanmar does not allow visa extensions.

Border Runs from Myanmar

If you’re getting close to your maximum allowed stay of 28 days in Myanmar, you may want to do a ‘border run’.

The permitted borders for entry are:

  1. Yangon International Airport
  2. Mandalay International Airport
  3. Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
  4. Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint

Please note that you can exit the country through the Htikee Land Border Checkpoint as well but you are not allowed to enter through it!

Read more about doing visa runs in Southeast Asia here.

How many times can you re-enter Myanmar via a border run? Currently, there is no law against border runs. You can attempt this process as often as you need as long as you follow the local immigration laws and do not overstay or misuse your visa.

Myanmar: Overstaying your Visa

Penalties for Overstaying in Myanmar

There is no official list of fines and penalties for overstaying your visa in Myanmar, despite what you may have read on the internet. There is a lot of outdated information out there so be careful! We found the following penalties but expect that charges are subject to change and much more severe sentences may be executed.

  • Under 30 days: fine of $3USD per day
  • 30 days or more: fine of $5USD per day

Be Aware of the Risks Before Entering Myanmar!

Due to the ongoing security situation in the country, we do not recommend visiting Myanmar right now. If you do decide to travel there, make sure to adhere to local rules and stay away from restricted areas! Find a list of these here
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