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Singapore Visas & Entry Requirements (Inc. COVID-19 Rules & Restrictions)

How to Enter Singapore? Quick Answers

  • Do I need special permission to enter Singapore? Yes, all travellers, regardless of their citizenship, are required to complete the SG Arrival Card three days before their intended arrival to receive a STVP (Short-Term-Visit-Pass).
  • Do I need a visa to enter Singapore? The majority of travellers can enter without the need for a visa.
  • Do I need proof of onward travel? No, but you must provide an exit date on the declaration form.
  • Do I need proof of COVID-19 vaccination? No.
  • Do I need travel insurance? No, but having a policy is strongly advised. Read about some of the most popular travel insurers here.

Singapore Visa Summary

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  • Anybody planning to travel to Singapore must fill out an online declaration for the SG Arrival Card, either through the official ICA website or via the app MyICA.
  • Singapore offers visa-exempt entry to almost all passport holders for up to 30 days. This period can be extended once for an additional 30 to 89 days.
  • Nationalities that are NOT visa-exempt can be found here.
  • Citizens from countries that pose a yellow fever risk need to obtain a yellow fever vaccine certificate. Check if this applies to you here.

Singapore: COVID-19 Requirements

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

  • Vaccinated travellers: No requirements
  • Non-vaccinated travellers: No requirements

Entry Requirements & Documents

  • A passport with at least six months validity from the intended period of stay in Singapore
  • A valid visa (if applicable)

Travel Insurance Requirements

Travel insurance is not a requirement for visitors entering Singapore. But, if you want peace of mind while you travel, check out this list of the most popular providers within our community.

Do You Have Travel Insurance?

Do You Have Travel Insurance?

Are you covered?
Members of our Southeast Asia Backpacker Community choose SafetyWing, World Nomads and TrueTraveller as their favourite travel insurers! 

Singapore: Visa Exemption/STVP

Unless your nationality is listed here, you can enter Singapore without a visa. All you need to do is complete the SG Arrival Card procedure, either online or through the MyICA mobile app.


The process can be launched only three days before your planned arrival date and only takes up to one hour to be approved. Once you are at the border control, simply show the scannable code that you would have received from the confirmation e-mail or directly through the app.

Type of Visas

Visa: 30-Day Single-Entry

What is an eVisa? This single-entry visa allows passport holders who require a visa to stay in Singapore for up to 30 days. (Can be extended.)

How to apply: Apply using the official eVisa website.

Cost: approx. S$30 (Subject to change.)

What do you need to apply? 

  • A passport with at least six months validity from the intended period of stay in Singapore
  • Photo (JPEG or PNG), no older than six months – see more guidelines here
  • Other supporting documents and forms if applicable (see above link)

Processing time

It takes approximately three business days to process the visa. Make sure you apply with a few days to spare!

Singapore: Extending your Visa

You can extend your stay in Singapore once by an additional 30 to 89 days. This can be done online through the ICA website.

You have to apply for the extension at least 14 days before the STVP (Short-Term-Visit-Pass) expires!

Cost: around S$30 (Subject to change.)

Border Runs from Singapore

If your time in Singapore is coming to an end and you’ve exhausted your allowance for visa extensions, you can always do a border run. The closest and most logical destination is Malaysia (Johor Bahru).

Find more information about border runs here.

How many times can you re-enter Singapore via a border run? To date, there are no existing official laws in Singapore that prohibit border runs or limit their frequency. You can attempt this process as often as you need but remember that this can change!

Singapore: Overstaying your Visa

Penalties for Overstaying

Staying beyond the authorized duration of your visa is regarded as a criminal offence. Any instance of overstaying will be documented and may hinder your ability to return in the future. 

Refer to the penalties associated with overstaying less than 90 days in Singapore below. (Subject to change.)

  • S$4,000 fine
  • Up to six months imprisonment

See the penalties for overstaying more than 90 days in Singapore below. (Subject to change.)

  • Up to six months imprisonment
  • Caning of at least three strokes (Yes, seriously!)
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