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At the beginning of this year, after completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India, I officially qualified as a Yoga Teacher. (You can read my daily diaries of the course here, with all its highs and lows!).

The one-month TTC was a big challenge for all involved, which concluded with each member of the course having to design and teach their own one-hour yoga class, as well as guide a 15-minute meditation. There were tears, nerves, laughter, injured knees and sore muscles, new friendships formed, new poses achieved and new discoveries made about oneself.

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On the final day of the course, we went around the class, one by one, discussing what we would do with our new-found skills as yoga teachers. Some already had contacts back in their home countries of Germany and Switzerland, where they were going to try and get a permanent teaching contract.

Others had decided to stay in India and volunteer their skills at a local school. Some of us discussed the opportunity of becoming ‘travelling yoga teachers’, picking up jobs all over the world, some paid, some in exchange for food and board, and turning our qualification into a brand new, exciting lifestyle!

At the graduation day of our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India.
At the graduation day of our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India.

Yoga Travel Jobs (Be a Yoga Teacher!)

After searching around online, I came across a website, called Yoga Travel Jobs, which seemed to be perfectly designed for a newly qualified yoga teacher like myself. The website has a huge selection of job opportunities for yoga teachers all over the world that are posted daily by yoga retreat centres, hotels, resorts, schools etc. The opportunities are categorised into paid work, volunteer work and work exchange, which means that you teach yoga in exchange for food and board.

I discovered many exciting and interesting opportunities in exotic locations from Thailand to Ecuador to Senegal! My cursor hovered over an enticing job opportunity in the beautiful beach town of Mirissa in Sri Lanka that was looking for a paid yoga teacher at a surf and yoga camp. There was another cool volunteer opportunity for an English teacher and yoga instructor in Costa Rica, plus a work exchange opportunity at a kitesurfing school in Brazil!

For anyone with a desire to travel and work in beautiful locations all over the world, the website really does fill you with excitement at all of the incredible opportunities for those adventurous souls who embrace an alternative lifestyle!

As well as yoga jobs, I also spotted a few opportunities for non-yoga teachers, from kitchen staff in a retreat centre in the Colorado Rockies in the USA to an English teaching internship in Cuba! There are also openings for massage therapists and meditation teachers, as well as yoga philosophy teachers and more managerial and marketing type roles.

So how does the website work?

You can create a profile and browse all of the job opportunities on Yoga Travel Jobs for free (this is known as a Yoga Visa). However, to see the full description of the job and to contact the employer or submit a job application, you must register to the website and pay a small sign up fee for the whole year. (Therefore gaining a full Yoga Passport!)

The Yoga Community 

As well accessing the list of yoga instructor jobs abroad, you can join the Yoga Travel Jobs Community. (You can do this for free, without becoming an official member of the website.) Within this community, you can ask for advice from fellow yogis, find out more about the different locations of the jobs, ask for travel recommendations, share photos and make like-minded yoga-loving friends all over the globe.

You can also join specific interest groups related to yoga, from Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP) to Yoga Teachers on Instagram, to Vegan Yoga Teachers or Yoga Teachers interested in Writing. You can also create your own group and ask people to join. Tantric yoga? Dog Yoga? Yoga and curry? Go for it!

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga!
Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga!

Who created the website, Yoga Travel Jobs? 

We met Nicholas Schneider, the founder of the website around five years ago now in our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s a 29-year old German traveller and entrepreneur who is constantly looking at the backpacker and digital nomad world to see how he can find ways to help connect like-minded people and create inspirational communities and opportunities for people who want to live an alternative lifestyle.

Not originally a yogi himself, he’s recently been inspired by his own website and is planning to do his first yoga retreat in Thailand at the end of the year! He’s been amazed by the huge interest in Yoga Travel Jobs and has looked on with excitement as so many people have found amazing opportunities in beautiful locations all over the world, thus enriching their own lives, as well as spreading enthusiasm and positivity wherever they go…

The light in me bows to the light in you.


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