Backpackers on the Real Hanoi Bicycle Tour.

Bicycle Tour Hanoi – See The City On Two Wheels

Thinking of going on a Hanoi bike tour? Scared to get involved in the traffic chaos of Vietnam’s throbbing capital? So were we! Luckily, with the right guidance, it can be surprisingly stress-free!

On Two Wheels Through North Vietnam: Glimpses of a Unique World…

What a privilege – cycling in North Vietnam while tourism is still in its infancy! Spectacular countryside and endless variety of landscape – from the rice fields to the towering mountains, steady ascents and awe-inspiring descents. Eddie Brocklesby describes his thoughts after a 15-day cycle tour in this unique and little-visited region of Vietnam…

Cambodian Cycle Adventure. On Yer Bike!

Tired of temples and the lazy backpacker lifestyle in South East Asia, Laura Ricketts and her sister Fi, embarked upon a five day cycle tour of Cambodia! Here’s how they planned their adventure and how it went. Could you be inspired to plan a cycle trip of your own?

On Two Wheels! Country-by-Country Guide To Cycling in South East Asia

Have you ever wanted to cycle a continent rather than travel by bus or train? What could be better than the freedom of your own two wheels (and legs) with only the elements (and the occasional crazy motorbike) to contend with. With diverse and spectacular scenery, South East Asia is a haven for cycling enthusiasts. Avid cyclist and blogger, Tom Owen, give us his lowdown on what the riding in each country is like…

Four Months on a Bicycle in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

Backpacker and travel writer Nathan Edgerton spent four months travelling on a cheap bicycle the entire length of Vietnam from the biggest city in the South to the capital in the North. In this article, Nathan gives you many reasons why travelling on two wheels is way cooler than four…

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