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Girl wearing daypack in Southeast Asia

First Time Travel to Southeast Asia: Travel With a Tour or Go It Alone?

You’re going travelling in Southeast Asia! You’ve booked your flights, you’re starting to do some research, and you’re getting a little bit anxious. Are you ready to plunge head first into the unknown and travel independently, or do you feel more comfortable booking yourself on a group tour, to ease your way into the Southeast Asian backpacking experience? Or, perhaps you fancy a bit of both!

Vietnam’s Must Do North to South Adventure: The Buffalo Run!

A backpacker tells all about Hanoi Backpacker’s newest trip throughout Vietnam, traversing from Hanoi all the way to Hoi An. Along the way he experiences incredible national parks, such as Cuc Phuong and Phong Na, the world’s biggest cave, exquisite hidden beaches, the history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, waterfalls, and historic tunnels from the Vietnam-American War.

TruTravels: The Best of Both Worlds – 5 Backpacker Secrets Within Easy Reach!

There is a must see list of places to visit in Thailand, and for good reason, but what if you want to venture just slightly off the beaten track? Where do you start? How do you know which turns to take? Sometimes you just need a wee bit of help, our friends at Tru Travels show us how to get just a little bit lost!

The Gap Year Fear! Taking the plunge into the unknown. In need of a safety net?

Deep in your heart you know that taking a gap year is the thing you want to do most in the world – yet you can’t quite bring yourself to make the jump. What if you never do? Can you imagine if you’d never had that first driving lesson or very first date? Sometimes, all you need is a gentle push, a helping hand; support; a good safety net, something to set you on the path to an experience of a lifetime…

girl with daypack in city

SEVEN Unnecessary Worries that Stop You Going Backpacking & ONE Real Worry!

Secretly envying other people’s adventures? Living vicariously through travel blogs and Facebook updates of friends who have taken that big step and embarked upon a backpacking trip? What’s stopping you? We share the most common pre-travelling fears and explain why you need to get over them… and fast!

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