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Choon Paan Truck in Sri Lanka

The Journey of Sri Lanka’s Choon Paan Man (Bread Man)

In most countries, the strains of music you hear wafting through the streets mean ice cream is approaching. In Sri Lanka, however, the drifting tunes of Beethoven’s Für Elise signify the coming of one thing: the choon paan man.

Local fishermen bring their boat to shore in Tangalla Sri-Lanka

Tangalla, Sri Lanka: Beach Paradise on the Surf Lovin’ South Coast

Tangalla, also known as Tangalle, has the most perfect beach I have ever seen, with long stretches of white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees. The water is so crystal clear and depending on the sunshine the ocean can turn all shades of blue. You can walk for hours along the coastline and not see a single other tourist! I loved the sound of tropical birds and the breathtaking views of the mangrove lagoons.

A Couple Stand Looking Out From The Viewpoint At Koneswaram Temple, Trinco

Black Tea and Burnt Feet, A Journey Across Sri Lanka

Travel writer, Ian Packham takes us on a journey across the colourful island of Sri Lanka, that’s a mix of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim religions. Tea, trains, soldiers and temples mark the route from Colombo to Trincomalee, giving an interesting insight into the unique culture of this beautiful tropical isle in the Indian Ocean.

Wild Elephants & Bad Driving! The Highs And Lows Of Sri Lanka…

At 34, I’m older than most to be making my first trip to Asia. Where better to start for a relatively easy way in than Sri Lanka? The country has been a highly popular destination for several years now and was recommended to me by several of my friends. Here are my impressions after a month’s visit with my girlfriend, conveniently simplified into a list of “highs” and “lows”…

Motorbiking the Highlands of Sri Lanka on a Yamaha Baja 250cc Dirt Bike…

Matt Lloyd explores the coast and highlands of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka on a Yamaha Baja 250 dirt bike. Passing by world class surf breaks and chilled out beach resorts, dodging snakes in the road, spotting wild elephants in the jungle, and ascending through the mist to see why Sri Lanka is the world’s largest exporter of tea…

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