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The 20 Best Filipino Snacks

The 20 Best Filipino Street Food & Snacks

These Filipino snacks will keep your belly from grumbling on those jeepney journeys. Most of them are delicious but there are some choices for only the bravest of travellers!

Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi set to close April 2018

CLOSED TO TOURISTS! Koh Phi Phi & Boracay. Where Next?

For 4 months this summer starting June 1st, Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi will close to tourists. Authorities in the Philippines are discussing a 6-month closure for Boracay Island. Is a closure necessary to protect these natural beauty spots and where should be next?

The View From The Boat In El Nido

10 Unmissable Places To Visit on Palawan Island, The Philippines

With over 2,000 kilometres of coastline, 1,700 islands containing thousands of pristine beaches, towering limestone karsts, tropical rainforest, amazing wildlife and a chilled out burgeoning backpacker scene – Palawan is a paradisiacal adventure playground waiting to be discovered!

Plastic Free Philippines: A 2000km Bicycle Tour With a Cause!

Anna Dawson is no stranger to the Philippines coastline having lived and worked in the country since 2008, however her next challenge will be one of her biggest yet. From September until December she will be cycling 2000km along the coasts of the Visayas and Luzon advocating for a reduction in ocean plastic, cleaning up beaches and talking to school groups…

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Why I Fell in Love With Boracay Island in The Philippines

“Up until now if you asked me what my idea of a backpacker paradise was, I would have not even hesitated to answer Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. Now however, I may have found something that has pushed Koh Rong off of the top spot. I proudly present you with… Drum roll please… Boracay Island in the Philippines.” Travel blogger Sally Munt tells us why she is totally in love!

Castaway Island, Philippines

Surviving on a Deserted Island Paradise in the Philippines!

Could you survive on a deserted paradise island? Make your own shelter? Find your own fresh water and fish for your own dinner? In today’s society we have become so comfortable that we have forgotten about the basic skills needed to exist in a sustainable way. But what if you could go back to this simple way of life? Would you be happier? Feel more freedom? Travel writer and blogger, Martin decided to find out!

Why The 7,107 Islands of The Philippines Should Not Be Overlooked!

New Zealand-born Anna Cleal is the Director of a brand new, pioneering company ‘Flip Flop Tours,’ which aims to give backpackers their first taste of the Philippines! She talks about how some backpackers may be put off visiting the 7,107 islands due to fears of safety, lack of travel information or general laziness to leave the landlocked circular South East Asian trail of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia! Here she tells us about the amazing travel opportunities for backpackers in the Philippines and dispels any doubts people may have about visiting the country…

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