The ULTIMATE Backpacker Visa Guide to Southeast Asia

As a backpacker in South East Asia crossing borders becomes a regular undertaking. Each country has a different rule of entry and some countries will require you to apply for a visa before you travel. As visa requirements often change, for travellers it can be difficult to plan things like budget and duration of travel. Here, we’ve done our best to compile the latest visa information in South East Asia to make it easier to plan your trip!

Proof of Onward Travel – Do You Really Need it?

Do you *really* need an onward flight ticket when flying internationally? Is a bus ticket enough? We answer your questions about onward travel and break down onward travel rules for Southeast Asia!

Thailand Visa Stamp

Don’t Want to Leave? How to Extend Your Visa in Thailand…

“Help! My visa is about to run out and I’m not ready to leave Thailand!” Have no fear. Backpacker and travel writer, Camelia Gendreau, gives you the lowdown on how to quickly and correctly extend your visa and make sure you extend your days on the beach!

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