COVID-19: Maldives Travel Updates

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Updated 29th November 2021.

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  • 28/11/2021 – The Maldvies has banned travellers from 8 African nations amid concerns over the Omicron variant. Source.
  • 26/11/2021 – Vaccinated Travel Lane launched between Singapore and the Maldives. Source.
  • 22/09/2021 – Maldives are removed from the UK’s “Red List”, meaning no quarantine and lower insurance premiums for travellers. Source.

Maldives Travel Restrictions

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing daily. The following information reflects South East Asia Backpacker’s current understanding of the rules. We work hard to update this information as often and accurately as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. We strongly advise you to contact the embassy of the country you are visiting for the latest information.

Can you travel to the Maldives right now? SUMMARY:

Yes! After previously closing its borders on 12th March 2020, the Maldives was able to fully reopen on 15th July 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. The island nation has been one of the few destinations in Asia that has managed to keep tourism going throughout almost the whole pandemic. 

It’s true that it is much easier for island countries to open their borders, but certain credit has to be given to the government of the Maldives for managing to contain the pandemic whilst keeping tourism ticking over. While there was a reduction in visitor numbers from the previous year, the Maldives managed to attract a total of 555,399 tourists in 2020 and their goal is to reach 1.2 million tourists by the end of 2021. Source.

Before you enter the Maldives, you will need to:

  • Show a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours prior to boarding your plane to the Maldives. For travellers from India, the test must be carried out no more than 72 hours before departure. Infants under one year of age are exempt from having to take the test.
  • Complete an online Traveller Health Declaration Form 24 hours before your departure to the Maldives as well as 24 hours before your return home or journey onward.
  • Complete an Immigration Arrival Card upon entry to the Maldives.
  • All visitors are encouraged to download the TracEkee App (Track & Trace App) upon arrival in the Maldives.

Visas for the Maldives:

As a tourist, you will receive a 30-day visa on arrival when entering the Maldives. Your passport must have 6 months remaining validity.

Quarantine Period in the Maldives:

All tourists, regardless of their vaccination status, do not need to quarantine upon arrival to the Maldives. 

This is not the same for non-tourist arrivals (for example, residents, returning students and work visa holders). These passengers must be fully vaccinated in order to enter the Maldives without quarantine. If they are not fully vaccinated, they will have to quarantine for 14 days in a government-approved facility. They will also be required to register on the Haalubelen Portal and complete an exit test before leaving quarantine. 

However, if you are a tourist who has a suspected COVID-19 case or showing symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival in the Maldives, you will have to take a PCR test at your own cost. If the test is positive, you will be transferred to a quarantine facility and isolated according to the Health Protection Agency Protocols.

Face Masks:

You must wear a face mask in all public places in the Maldives. See our recommended face masks for travel and flying here. 

COVID-19 Tests Required: 

  • PCR test 96 hours before travel. (72 hours if you are travelling from India.)
  • PCR test upon arrival, only if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Costs of Travel: 

Other than the PCR test, there are no extra costs incurred by travelling to the Maldives during this time.

Internal Travel Restrictions and Curfews in the Maldives:

There are currently no travel restrictions between different islands in the Maldives and no curfews.

Hotels and guesthouses: 

You can see a list of the approved hotels and resorts and their reopening dates in the Maldives here.


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