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Can I Drink Tap Water in Laos?

Generally no. Tap water in Laos isn’t safe to drink. Water sources tend to be polluted by chemicals, agricultural waste, sewage and ageing pipes. Even in Vientiane, which has the cleanest supply in the country, the water isn’t safe to drink. 

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Can I Brush My Teeth With Tap Water in Laos?

In Vientiane, you can brush your teeth with tap water. However, be careful not to swallow the water. In other parts of the country, you should use bottled or filtered water only. 

Can I Wash My Face With Tap Water in Laos?

Washing your face with tap water in Laos is fine in Vientiane and, in theory, elsewhere across the country – just be careful not to swallow any. You should be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes too. 

Running Tap Water
You can wash your face with tap water in Laos, just avoid swallowing it!

Do Locals in Laos Drink Tap Water?

If they can afford it, most Laotian people will use bottled or filtered water instead of tap water. Some locals do drink tap water but they’ve usually been doing so for several years and have built up a level of resistance to pathogens found in the water. 

Is Ice in Laos Safe?

Ice in Laos tends to be safe. Much like other countries in Southeast Asia, ice in Laos is made in factories from treated water. You’ll often find bars and restaurants in Laos add ice to your beer to cool it down! Beer tends not to be refrigerated so get used to this if you want a cold one! 

Ice cubes
Ice in Laos is safe to consume – you’ll even get it in your beer!

Are There Water Dispensers in Laos?

Most street vendors, hostels and hotels in Laos have water dispensers. You can often top up a reusable travel bottle with safe water at your accommodation and if you see street food vendors getting water from a water cooler, it’s safe to drink. 

You can also use Refill My Bottle in Laos. The app marks places that offer clean drinking water top-ups! Trash Hero also operate in Laos, so you can purchase one of their metal bottles and get free refills from a bunch of participating businesses! 

Bottled Water in Laos

Bottled water in Laos is safe and generally very cheap, costing 1,000-7,000KIP (0.05-0.40USD) for a litre. 

Can I Use a Filtered Water Bottle in Laos?

Yes, you can use a filtered water bottle in Laos. We recommend using a purifier like the Grayl UltraPress. It removes viruses, as well as bacteria and protozoa!

Tap Water in Laos – Is It Drinkable?

No, tap water in Laos isn’t considered safe to drink. Bottled water is super cheap. Refill points are common and even cheaper than bottled water. You should be careful to avoid brushing your teeth with tap water too.

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