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Drone Laws In Malaysia – Can I Fly A Drone In Malaysia?

Whether you want stunning coastal landscapes, diverse, colourful towns or incredible natural wonders, flying a drone in Malaysia is a rewarding experience. There are a few rules to follow and all drones must be registered before being flown. 

Keep reading for more information about Malaysian drone laws!

This series of articles outlines our understanding of drone laws in Southeast Asia. We always recommend checking with official sources to ensure you’re operating your drone legally. 

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What Are The Drone Laws In Malaysia?

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To fly a drone in Malaysia, you need to register it with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia. To fly in a national park, you’ll need another permit. Permits are available from the parks themselves and you’ll need an individual one for each. 

Can I Fly A Drone In Malaysia?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Malaysia as long as it’s registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia 14 days before your intended flight. You need to download and fill in the form before sending it to:

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Drone In Malaysia?

The cost of registering a drone in Malaysia depends on the size of the drone itself. 

  • Drones under 20kg = 250RM (approx $55USD)
  • Drones over 20kg = 1000RM (approx $220USD)

You also need to pay to use your drone in national parks. The prices vary between parks but for recreational use expect to pay between 100-500RM (approx $22-$115USD). For commercial use, expect to pay 500-12,500RM (approx $115-$2800USD).

When Should I Register A Drone for Malaysia?

You should register your drone two weeks before your intended flight. Documents submitted later than this will be automatically rejected. 

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Drone In Malaysia?

There is no legal requirement to have drone insurance for recreational use in Malaysia. However, to cover damage to your drone or third-party property and injuries to others, Cover Drone are our favourite insurer! Click here for Coverdrone UK

Rules About Flying Drones In Malaysia

When Can I Fly a Drone in Malaysia?

There are no official rules on when you can fly a drone in Malaysia. However, we always recommend flying only during the day and in good weather conditions. 

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It’s recommended to only fly during the day in good weather!

Where Can I Fly a Drone in Malaysia?

You can fly a drone in Malaysia anywhere except:

  • In national parks (without an extra permit)
  • In class A, B, C or G airspace
  • Within aerodrome traffic zones
  • Over human crowds
  • From moving vehicles

When flying a drone in Malaysia, you must:

  • Stay below 120 metres
  • Fly under 100kph
  • Yield right of way to manned aircraft at all times
  • Keep the drone in line of site at all times

The penalties for not following drone laws in Malaysia range from a 50,000RM (approx $11,000USD) fine to a year imprisonment for individuals and 100,000RM (approx $22,000USD) fines for corporations. 

Is There a Maximum Altitude for Drones in Malaysia?

Yes, the maximum altitude for drones in Malaysia is 120 metres (400 feet).

Flying Drones in Malaysia – A Round-Up

Flying a drone in Malaysia is wonderful. It’s the perfect way to record your memories of a country. Just make sure you register your drone with the relevant authorities and follow the rules laid out by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia.

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