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Drone Laws In Thailand – Can I Fly A Drone In Thailand?

Flying a drone in Thailand offers a fantastic opportunity to see the country from a different angle. There’s no shortage of diversity within the ‘Land of Smiles’ – mountains, jungles, cities and some of the world’s best beaches mean there’s plenty to keep your drone lens focused on! 

This series of articles outlines our understanding of drone laws in Southeast Asia. We always recommend checking with official sources to ensure you’re operating your drone legally. 

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What Are The Drone Laws In Thailand?

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Drone laws in Thailand are easy enough to follow. You’re required to register your drone before flight (unless it doesn’t have a camera) and you need to follow some basic flying rules. 

Can I Fly A Drone In Thailand?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Thailand.

If your drone has a camera, you’re required to register it with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission within 30 days of entering Thailand – you cannot register your drone before arriving in the country. 

You also need to register your drone with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

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You need to be in Thailand to register your drone!

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Drone In Thailand?

The cost of registering a drone in Thailand is approx 200THB (approx $6USD) but this can change depending on the size of your drone. Drones over 2kg have a different cost and registration process than those under 2kg. The same is true for drones over 25kg. 

When Should I Register A Drone for Thailand?

You cannot fully register a drone for Thailand until you’re in the country. You’re legally required to register for a permit with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission seven days before your intended flight. 

For the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, you need to register 15 days before your flight. We recommend applying for both permits at the same time. 

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Drone In Thailand?

Yes, you need drone insurance to fly in Thailand. Cover Drone fulfils all the requirements for drone insurance in Thailand, including medical expenses and third-party cover. Click here for Coverdrone UK!

Rules About Flying Drones In Thailand

When Can I Fly a Drone in Thailand?

In Thailand, you can fly your drone between sunrise and sunset but you must not fly near clouds. 

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Only fly during daylight hours and keep away from clouds!

Where Can I Fly a Drone in Thailand?

In Thailand, you must not fly:

  • Within 9km of airports, military bases or government buildings
  • Over crowds
  • Within 30 metres of people, vehicles or buildings 

You must also keep the drone in line of sight at all times. 

Thailand Drone Image
Don’t get any closer than this with your drone!

Is There a Maximum Altitude for Drones in Thailand?

Yes, the maximum altitude for flying a drone in Thailand is 90 metres (300 feet).

Failure to follow these rules can lead to strict penalties, including:

  • Up to 12 months imprisonment
  • And/or a fine of 40,000THB (approx $1200USD) 

Flying Drones in Thailand – A Round-Up

Everyone and their dog has good photos of Thailand, but do they have good drone photos of Thailand? Make your photos stand out by literally raising yourself above the crowds and capturing this amazing country from above. 

Just be careful to register your drone correctly and follow basic flying practices to ensure you stay out of trouble!

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