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Constantly buying bottled water eats up a substantial amount of your backpacking budget. 

And you don’t need me spouting off about the scourge of single-use plastic. We all understand the damage our throw-away lifestyles are doing to the world. 

A LARQ Movement water bottle purifies water. It allows you to drink from the tap — even in countries where it’s not advised for tourists. Over a long trip, this saves you money and significantly reduces your impact on the environment.

Plus, a LARQ bottle keeps itself clean! So you don’t need to worry about washing it every day while travelling.

Disclosure: LARQ sent us their Movement Bottle PureVis free of charge for this review. We wrote the review after rigorously testing and evaluating the bottle. The review was not sent to LARQ prior to being published. None of our reviews are edited to keep a brand happy!

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What is a LARQ bottle?

At first glance, it’s hard to discern a LARQ bottle from any other stainless steel reusable water bottle on the market. 

But look a little closer and you’ll notice a couple of things:

  1. The bottle is a little heavier than you’d expect.
  2. A ring of light appears on top of the lid now and again. 

Built into the lid of LARQ water bottles (specifically the LARQ PureVis bottles) is a UV-C LED lamp. When activated, this bombards your water with 60 seconds of light in the 280-nanometre wavelength. 

Light with a wavelength of 200-300nm is absorbed by DNA and RNA proteins. The proteins can only take a small dose of UV-C light before their cell walls rupture and the organism they make up dies. UV-C light also damages the structure of DNA. Even if an organism survives being blasted with ultraviolet light, its ability to replicate and reproduce is destroyed. 

To put it simply, LARQ UV water bottles clean water by blasting it with high energy beams of light. This kills bacteria and viruses. It’s much like when Donald Trump wanted to put light inside your veins… except this actually works. 

The technology can make tap water potable, no matter where you are. It also keeps the bottle clean, reducing the bad odours that reusable water bottles are known for after long periods of use.

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LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis Review

In this article, we’re specifically reviewing the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis. It’s the non-insulated model in LARQ’s PureVis range. It’s not only lighter than the original LARQ Bottle PureVis but also has a bigger capacity. 

The Movement PureVis is fractionally larger than the standard PureVis bottle but unless you compare them side by side it’s hard to spot.

LARQ Bottle Movement At A Glance:

  • Capacity – 710ml | 950ml
  • Weight (DRY) – 300g | 350g
  • Battery run time – Up to 1 month
  • Battery charge time – 1 hour
  • Battery lifespan – 2+ years
  • Lightweight
  • Allows you to drink tap water while travelling
  • Saves you money on bottled water
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Self-cleaning to reduce odours 


  • Expensive initial investment
  • Must be kept charged
  • Non-insulated 
  • Cap is heavy
  • No way to replace the battery without buying a new lid
  • UV light doesn’t clean the mouthpiece

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LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis — In-Depth Review 

LARQ Bottle

Unlike the original model, LARQ’s Movement Water Bottle PureVis features a single skin construction. The thin stainless steel and lack of insulation, make the bottle bigger and lighter than the original.

It’s available in two sizes, 710ml and 950ml. The smaller of the two weighs just 300g while the larger is 350g. 

To put that into perspective, one of the most popular purifying bottles available is the Grayl Geopress. The Geopress weighs 450g and can only hold 710ml of water. It’s also a much chunkier bottle so takes up more room in your backpack or suitcase. This makes the LARQ Movement Bottle PureVis an attractive prospect for travellers concerned about luggage weight limits.

Be aware though, there are a ton of situations where a Grayl purifier will be more suitable than a LARQ bottle. 

Unless you have tiny tiny hands, the LARQ Movement PureVis bottle is comfortable to hold. Even the larger model is easy to grip — especially if you keep the silicone sleeve on. 

The bottle also slides relatively easily into backpacks with external bottle pockets. However, it’s worth noting that if the pockets are tight, or your bag is crammed full of gear, you might struggle to get a LARQ bottle in without removing the silicone sleeve. 


The real magic of a LARQ bottle is in the lid. Here the small UV-C lamp produces high-frequency light waves which are absorbed by viruses, bacteria or other pathogens in the water. 

After only a short exposure, 99.9% of pathogens are killed or rendered inert and your water is safe to drink. This also means bacteria that build up and cause bad smells in your bottle are killed, reducing the need for constant washing and limiting that musty bottle smell! 

To activate the bottle’s cleaning routine, just press the top of the lid. A single press delivers a 60-second blast of UV-C light to your water. A double-tap of the button activates Adventure Mode — a 3-minute bombardment. Adventure mode is best used when you’re drinking from unreliable or sketchy water supplies. 

Note: Water must be clear if you want it to be effectively cleaned by a LARQ bottle. If water is cloudy or full of sediment, light cannot penetrate to reach all pathogens. In this instance, plenty of bacteria and viruses will survive and potentially make you ill. 

As well as being activated on-demand, the cleaning light features ‘Intelligent Activation’. Every two hours it will go through a 60-second cleaning cycle to ensure your water is as fresh as possible. 

To keep the bottle working, you need to ensure the battery is topped up. As weird as it feels plugging a water bottle into a USB plug, you get used to it quickly. The socket is in the lid itself, so you can always charge it when you’re washing the rest of the bottle. It takes about an hour to fully charge and once complete, the charge lasts around a month with normal use. 

If you frequently use Adventure Mode, battery life is closer to two weeks. 

The top of the lid features an LED ring that lights up whenever the bottle is active. There are different colours and sequences to denote which mode the bottle is in:

  • ‘Breathing’ Green Light = Charging
  • Solid Green Light = Fully Charged
  • ‘Breathing’ Sky Blue Light = Normal Cleaning Mode
  • Pulsing Blue Light = Adventure Cleaning Mode
  • Pulsing Orange Light = Safety Mode (prevents UV light turning on when the lid is off the bottle)
  • Steady Yellow Light = Low Battery (flashes twice before and after cleaning mode)
  • Red/Purple Light = Terminal Failure (contact LARQ and complete a warranty claims form)

When it comes to charging, LARQ are very clear in their instructions that you should only use the supplied USB cable. I assume this is for warranty reasons, to stop you claiming if you’ve blown the battery up with a dodgy cable. However, I charged my bottle using the same Micro USB that came with my Kindle and it worked fine. 

You’ll want to be careful with the LARQ bottle cap. If it’s dropped heavily or takes a big hit, it can malfunction and stop working. When this happens, a red or purple light will appear on the top and you’ll need to get a new one. 

At £60 a new cap is more expensive than most standard travel water bottles. Sure a working cap saves you money on water but having to replace it every time you’re a little clumsy will end up costing much more if you’re not careful! 

 It’s also worth being aware that the battery will only last around two years before it needs to be replaced. Sadly, you cannot replace the battery at home so will need to buy a new cap when the time comes. 

LARQ Sleeve

Each LARQ bottle comes with a premium food-grade silicone sleeve. Already in situ when the bottle arrives, this interchangeable sleeve adds a splash of contrasting colour to your bottle — unless you’ve opted for the Black/Onyx colour combo which is essentially black on black. 

But the primary purpose of the sleeve isn’t aesthetics.  

The silicone creates an ultra-grippy surface on your bottle. This significantly reduces the odds of the bottle slipping out of your hand — especially if it’s cold or wet. It also helps protect the bottle against knocks or scrapes and insulates your hands against cold liquids. 

Note: The LARQ Movement PureVis bottle is only single skin and should therefore never be used for hot liquids. If you want an isolated, double-walled bottle, the standard LARQ Bottle PureVis is the best option. 

The only downside with the silicone sleeve is how darn grippy it is! Sliding the LARQ bottle into the bottle pocket on your backpack is nigh on impossible with the sleeve on. I remove the sleeve whenever I take the bottle out with me — it just makes it easier to use. 

Speaking of removing the sleeve, that’s also not an easy task. It hugs the bottle so well that removing it feels like pulling Excalibur from the stone… just without the British Throne as a reward for your efforts. 

Colour Options

It’s not important to everyone but there are six colour combinations of the LARQ Bottle Movement and eight of the standard LARQ bottle — including the (RED) version, proceeds from which help fund the elimination of HIV/AIDS in several African nations. 

Each colour option is tasteful, sleek and modern. These bottles fit with a minimalist aesthetic as well as attitude. They don’t draw much attention yet help you save money and cut down on waste.

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis vs LARQ Bottle PureVis

LARQ produce a range of self-cleaning water bottles, purifiers and filters but the most popular are the LARQ Bottle PureVis and the LARQ Movement Bottle PureVis. 

The standard LARQ bottle features double-wall vacuum insulation which enables you to keep liquid hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. It’s available in 500ml or 740ml versions which weigh 380g and 500g respectively. 

LARQ’s Movement Bottle has a single skin. It doesn’t insulate as effectively so your drink will reach room temperature much more quickly. It can’t handle hot liquids either. 

However, the extra volume is a good trade-off for the lack of insulation. The Movement bottle is available in 710ml and 950ml models which weigh 300g and 350g respectively.

For most travellers, the extra volume, reduced weight and very similar sizing make the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis the better option.

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LARQ Water Bottle FAQs

 Are LARQ water bottles waterproof?

Yes. LARQ water bottles are waterproof. They store water without leaking and the UV-C emitting lid has an IPX7 rating. This means you can fully submerge the lid in water for up to 30 minutes and still expect it to work without issue.  

Are LARQ bottles dishwasher safe?

No, LARQ say their bottles are not suitable for a dishwasher, freezer or microwave. 

 How to clean a LARQ water bottle?

While LARQ bottles self-clean, you still need to wash them occasionally.

Firstly, start with the cap. Regularly wipe around the mouthpiece with warm soapy water. This reduces the build-up of oils, lip balm, food residue. etc. 

Every three to four weeks wash the whole bottle by hand using warm soapy water. Wash the lid too as bacteria can build up in the dark recesses. 

If you use your LARQ bottle for anything but water, clean it more regularly and use a bottle brush to ensure the insides are clean. 

How to clean a LARQ bottle lid?

The LARQ Bottle PureVis Cap has an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means you can wash it by hand with no problems. 

Note: Ensure the lid is either fully charged before washing or you wait until it’s completely dry before charging it. 

Are LARQ UV bottles safe?

Yes, when used correctly LARQ UV water bottles are perfectly safe. The UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the water. It reduces your chances of getting ill from contaminated water.

 You should avoid direct exposure of UV light to your skin and eyes. Thankfully, the LARQ PureVis won’t enter cleaning mode while the cap is off the bottle. If you attempt to turn the light on while the lid is off, you’ll see an orange ring appear. This is to tell you the bottle is in safe mode.

How big is a LARQ bottle?

LARQ water bottles come in different sizes depending on the model and volume:

LARQ Bottle PureVis 500ml24.3cm6.8cm
LARQ Bottle PureVis 740ml26.6cm7.6cm
LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 710ml24.9cm7.1cm
LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 950ml 27.9cm7.6cm

 How much does a LARQ bottle weigh?

LARQ bottles come in different weights depending on the model and volume. These are the official numbers from LARQ themselves. However, on my scales, the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 950ml came out 13g heavier.

When full, your LARQ bottle will weigh an extra 100g for every 100ml of water inside. With 900ml of water, the LARQ Movement Bottle weighs almost exactly 900g more than the empty bottle.

LARQ Bottle PureVis 500ml380g
LARQ Bottle PureVis 740ml500g
LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 710ml300g
LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 950ml 350g

 Does a LARQ bottle purify water?

Yes. LARQ PureVis bottles purify water. However, they only purify clear, or mostly clear water. The purification technology requires light to reach all the water in your bottle. Cloudy, dirty or silty water cannot be purified in a LARQ PureVis bottle as the UV-C light cannot penetrate through the muck. 

It’s best to use LARQ bottles to purify tap water. Or, if you’re in a pinch, you can clean water from a clear, fast-flowing source when using adventure mode. 

Can I take a LARQ bottle on a plane? 

Yes, LARQ bottles can be taken on flights. However, they must be emptied of all liquids before you enter the departure area. You’ll also need to keep the bottle with your carry on luggage because the Li-polymer battery cannot be left in checked luggage. 


A LARQ Movement Bottle PureVis is an excellent choice for travellers wanting to save money, reduce their intake of single-use plastic and keep their bag weight down. 

The bottle is comfortable to hold and stores plenty of water for a day out exploring. It’s durable too but don’t get too blasé. If you damage the lid and receive the red ring of death (like turning on an old Xbox 360 one too many times), you will need to get a replacement. Breaking the lid while on the road would render the bottle relatively useless. Sure you could still use it as a bottle but you’re going to need to find clean water to store in it! 

The LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis is a solid addition to a travellers backpack — especially if you spend most of your travels in towns and cities. But, if you hike and/or spend a lot of time away from civilisation while travelling, there are more suitable filtered water bottles available. 

Be careful with a LARQ bottle and it becomes well worth the money. The initial investment is a lot but over an extended trip, it pays for itself. Being able to drink tap water wherever you are can save hundreds of dollars over a long backpacking trip.

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  1. Great review. Have you actually used it in counties where the tap water is not safe to drink? Considering purchase but I want to hear from someone who has used it outside Europe or North America.

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